To Boost Comic Book Sales, Marvel & DC Writers Want a Crossover

Marvel & DC Comics are two of the biggest comic houses. We mostly see them as rivals but just imagine their massive strength if they were to form an alliance. While it will never happen on the big screen, it certainly has happened in the past comic storylines and should happen again in the present times. The Coronavirus is not just physically killing people, but it is also killing businesses. We didn’t really imagine that film Box Office would ever hit zero. Revenue is down everywhere. Comic books are not selling, and now Marvel & DC need to pull out their Aces to boost sales. They need to join forces.

We’ve had past events like DC vs. Marvel, Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man & JLA/Avengers, and now we need more comic book events like this. Till now, Marvel & DC have had so many characters, and with them came so many new stories to tell. They haven’t needed to crossover because the comics were able to sell themselves being big individual titles. Joining forces also means sharing revenue. But now that the comic sales are not up to what they were last year, some of the publisher’s writers think that Marvel & DC should definitely have another get together.

 Marvel & DC Writers Want Crossover

Writers of both Marvel & DC Comics, Gail Simone and Donny Cates have given brilliant ideas for how the next crossover should happen. According to Simone, an event should take place in 2021 as it will mark the 25th anniversary of the DC vs Marvel crossover that took place in 1996. The high sales of such an event would allow the comic book industry to get a hike, and given that people aren’t buying the comics as of now, they will want to get in on the action when a crossover event happens next year. The ones who left reading comics would come back, and since comic book movies have already raised the hype for the Superheroes to an all-time high, new readers will join in on a dream crossover as well.

 Marvel & DC Writers Want Crossover

The crossover could have already been set up by the recent events in DC’s Doomsday Clock storyline. In the end of the DC/Watchmen event, Doctor Manhattan saw Superman’s future. In this future, a “Secret Crisis” is going to occur. Fans will able to link it as many of DC’s previous events like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Identity Crisis, or Infinite Crisis have the word “Crisis” in common and the storylines of Marvel have been called Secret Wars or Secret Invasion. So, “Secret Crisis” could actually be a smart wordplay for a crossover between Marvel & DC.

Doctor Manhattan has teased that the “Secret Crisis” event begin in 2030. He has given us a few bits of information teasing a battle between Thor & Superman. He said that a Green Behemoth who is much stronger than even Doomsday will protect Superman from invaders by sacrificing himself. This reference could actually be about the Hulk. Dots like these could be connected if Marvel & DC want a crossover. But will we have to wait for 10 more real years? Marvel & DC could get together and run a future event, telling us the story of what happens in the “Secret Crisis” right now. After the event comes to an end, the rest of the years could be spent building up to the Marvel-DC “Secret Crisis” in 2030. The comic book industry does need a big bump and a crossover between two of the major comic houses could be used to provide this bump. Let’s see what happens.

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