5 DC Supervillains Who Have Beaten Up Batman

Batman is always striving to eradicate the criminality from Gotham city and seeking the vengeance after being left alone after the deaths of his parents. And that’s when he pushed himself into the pool of perils, trying to bring back the positivity in the city. In his entire, Batman has beaten several superheroes and was also beaten up by them. Here, we are counting down on five supervillains who have beaten up the Dark Knight.

1. Reaper

In the Batman world, the fleshless skull in the darkness can only be the Reaper. He is one of the threatening supervillains of The Dark Knight. Reaper’s scimitar-like scythes are the only things that scare the shit out of Batman, but his unforeseeable fighting skills do. Well, this is going to hurt you. Dark Knight teamed up with Joe Chill, the person who killed his parents, to stop the Reaper. At the end, Chill pays the ultimate price by taking a bullet from Reaper. And the later story is easy to digest.

2. Joker

He has met several sinister beatdowns, but this one with the Joker portrays one of the most implacable violence against Batman. If you have checked out the six-issue Batman: Endgame, then you know what I am talking about. The game begins when Joker starts to pull apart his prized possessions and break into the Batcave, destruction his things. And then throughout the end, Joker turns on his berserker mode and stabs the Dark Knight from his calling card.

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