How The Ending of Peacemaker Changes The DCEU Big Time!

This year will see a lot of new DC Extended Universe projects that will give us a fair amount of ideas regarding the future of the franchise. There is a lot of confusion regarding all the characters in the movie. The HBO Max series Peacemaker managed to give us some clarification regarding the future of the franchise. It tied up its own narrative but at the same time gave an interesting look at some of the other elements of the series. The ending of the series actually paves the way for a lot of interesting narratives that will be explored in the future of the franchise. Let’s take a look at the consequences and ramifications the ending of Peacemaker will lead us to.  

Justice League Cameo

Throughout Peacemaker, we got various references to a lot of DC characters. Some were already canon while others were made canon by their names appearing in the series. But one of the most surprising moments from the series has to be when the Justice League actually ends up appearing right around the end. It actually felt like a payoff to one of the recurring jokes set around the character of Aquaman. But this cameo actually paved the way by giving us a fair amount of ideas regarding the status of the DCEU characters. This appearance did not include the characters of Cyborg and Batman and that clearly was because both of them are heading out of the franchise. At the same time, we saw Superman appear and it could indicate that there could be plans for Henry Cavill’s Superman in the near future.


White Dragon Returns

Ending of Peacemaker

In an absolutely sudden development, Peacemaker kills his father and puts him down. But this is not the last time that he would have to confront his father as he would later appear in front of him in the woods. He explains that this is in Christopher Smith’s head and he can’t do anything about it. This is actually quite similar to the narrative from the comics where Peacemaker’s father is the Nazi Wolfgang Schmidt. He loses him at a very early age and this continues to haunt him in the modern-day narrative. The last shot from the finale indicates that we will get to see a lot more of him in the future of the series.


Climate Change

A major revelation was made at the end of the series where we found that the Butterflies had a different motive. According to the Goff Butterfly, who had taken over Detective Sophie Song’s body, the Butterflies lost their planet due to climate change. They saw that the people of Earth were doing the same thing and their intention was to save them by taking the choice of destroying their planet from their hands. But Peacemaker rejects their offer to join them and ends up killing the cow. This made sense considering the means they were using to achieve their goals were quite sinister.



Judomaster is one of the characters who was with the Butterflies from the very beginning. But he was actually the only one who wasn’t taken over by the Butterflies and was clearly motivated by the plans that they had for Earth. In the finale, we see him arriving at the wreck and then he starts crying which clearly indicates that he felt bad for the loss that this alien species faced. Judomaster felt that it was a worthwhile sacrifice to let the humans die.



Ending of Peacemaker

When the Goff Butterfly fails to convince Peacemaker, the latter doesn’t kill it but allows for the Cow to die. Later the last shot of the finale sees that Peacemaker is feeding it with whatever he had in the jar of their food. He is seen eating it and this might mean that Goff is a lot bigger character as it indicated that it knew the real side of Peacemaker. This could be what motivated Peacemaker to not kill it and allow for it to live.


The Future of The Suicide Squad

There is an indication of what could be happening to Amanda Waller now that Adebayo had revealed all about her plans to the world. This could mean that the entire Task Force X plan could be shut down and we might not get a chance to see another entry in the Suicide Squad franchise. These characters associated with the franchise could end up having their own spinoff shows or appear in Peacemaker Season 2.

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