5 Times Iron Man Got His A*# Handed To Him

Iron Man is no doubt a prodigal genius, but he is also a personality that many do not actually like. This may be due to his political views or his sense of moral conduct that just rubs other heroes the wrong way. He may have a suit to combat every hero and villain but that that does not mean he always wins the fights. Here are five battles he lost very badly:

Black Panther

Tony Stark may be a genius with an access to better technology for his inventions, but Black Panther aka Prince T’Challa is a genius with a wider access to technological advancements. The Panther also has the martial arts knowledge that makes him a better fighter in combat. In Black Panther #45, the hero takes on Iron Man who is armored in his Stealth suit. Black Panther defeats Iron Man by using a bottle of Mr. Clean. He proceeds to stop Tony’s heart for several minutes using the Ultron virus. His out of the box thinking rendered the defeat of Iron Man.


5 Times Iron Man Was Beaten To A Pulp By Other Superheroes

Rogue took on Iron Man when the hero attacked the X-Men school in his efforts to find Hope and the Phoenix Force. After taking on Gambit and Kitty, Rogue was the next to counter attack Iron Man. Since Rogue has the ability to take on the superpowers of other mutants and heroes, she has always been a threat to her enemies. In this case, Rogue had absorbed the powers of She-Hulk, so she was not delicate with the hero when she proceeded to smash the hero like he was nothing but a dry twig. Iron Man went down into an electronic heap.


In Original Sin: Hulk Vs Iron Man, Bruce banner learns that Tony Stark was partly responsible for his transformation into The Hulk. The angry Banner used a modified version of Extremis to become the Hulk and retain his intelligence. He attacked Stark who was in his HulkBuster suit.With one swift punch, Hulk destroyed the armor, forcing Iron Man to run away from the fight.

Captain Marvel

In Civil War II, Captain Marvel and Iron Man got into a huge, violent fight due to their different beliefs. He had stood by his belief that people should not be punished for crimes they had only thought of committing while Captain Marvel believed that the world would be safer by imprisoning potential criminals. Their fight ended with Captain Marvel repeatedly punching and kicking the hero, and finally hitting Stark in the chest with her energy blast. Tony fought as much as he could but dropped dead when he was hit in the chest.


The Asgardian god was less than pleased when he discovered that Tony Stark had made a clone of him and used it for his political propaganda. A fight ensues where Iron Man makes the first move on  Thor but ends with Iron Man being gripped by the throat to be reminded of his mortality. That’s what happens when Thor strikes you with lightning and completely fries your suit.

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