The New Suit of The Flash is a Living Hell (Quite Literally)

The Flash New Suit:

We have loved The Flash on the CW and in the comics. He has a long way to go in the films but we’re pretty sure that the upcoming Flash movie (whenever it arrives) will certainly be awesome. Anyway, the recent events in the story of Barry Allen have led him to his own personal hell that is disguised as heaven. Barry will have to be really creative, and obviously too quick if he wishes to escape! And apparently, he is going to do that in his brand new suit.

The Flash New Suit

In The Flash #752, the villain Paradox creates Flash City, a place where everything Barry could ever want is present. But having been lured in with so many cherries, Barry does come to a realization that all of this is a construct of Paradox so uses vibrations to end the mirage around him. This brings about an end to Paradox’s Paradox as we the reality of the dimension Barry is in gets revealed. Apparently, Paradox leaves his victims here to die and soon the energy of the dimension begins to drain Barry.

After some quick thinking, Barry realizes that Paradox uses his armor to block the exposure from this dimension, and so he creates a whole new suit using the abandoned tech he finds lying around. This suit is rather bulkier, and seems to be an inspiration from the suit we saw in the Justice League movie. As Barry predicted, this suit is able to blocking out the lethal energy present in the dimension.

The Flash New Suit

Now let me ask you what does Barry do after every season of The Flash? If you guessed that he goes back in time to his mother’s death scene, then you’re absolutely right. Barry plans to do it again over here. This time his mission is to consult Thawne and ask for his help in taking out Paradox. That’s because Captain Cold told Barry that Paradox was defeated by the Reverse-Flash. Now, the next issue of the comic will see Barry teaming up with the Reverse-Flash (again!!).

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