10 Strongest Alternate Versions of Iron Man

Alternate Versions of Iron Man:

Marvel is one of the biggest comic book brands that have millions of followers from all over the world. Its most fan-favorite superhero is undoubtedly Iron Man. This superhero maintains the same popularity in MCU movies where it was portrayed by the great Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man is admired for his genius mind and humor. He is the closest to what most fans can relate with as he wasn’t born with powers. Marvel Comics started in the 1930s and since then he has grown and expanded itself to a plethora of characters, superheroes, and storylines. To stay interesting in the fans’ minds, Marvel has introduced more universes other than the original one that the majority knows of. These multiverses have their own Earths and respective variations of the superheroes. We have written about some of the prominent realities and the various versions of superheroes like Deadpool and Captain America. This list talks about the interesting and most powerful versions of Iron Man aka Tony Stark in alternate realities. Let us dive into the world of Marvel and find out the 10 strongest alternate versions of Iron Man.

 1. Lord Iron

The story of the New World of Earth-311 sounds similar to the MCU storyline of Iron Man. In this reality, Ton Stark was captured and tormented by David Banner in the Holy Land during the Spanish War. David Banner, who later becomes the Hulk, forces Stark to build weapons for the war. He ends up building his armor to rescue himself from the captivity. The armor sourced power from lightning bottles and in return provided Stark with the strength, he required.

 2. Earth X Iron Man

This Iron Man’s life was similar to that of the mainstream Iron Man until his Earth-9997 was vaporized with Terrigen Crystals that mutated humans who had Inhuman genes with superpowers. In order to protect himself from being exposed to the crystals, Tony built a new Iron Manor. Iron Man eventually died while fighting Galactus during these events and ended up in the Realm of Dead where he joined Captain Mar-Vell. The Realm was soon converted into Paradise where Stark was enhanced into an angelic form of Avenging Host.

 3. Steel Corpse

On Earth -11326 when Iron Man was in the middle of a fight with Madison Jefferies, he got infected with a virus that connected him to his armor permanently. As a result, his skin soon blended into his armor and he became a walking Steel Corpse. This incident of Iron Man consuming his steel armor takes place in the Age of X.

 4. Iron Lantern

This was one of those crossover experiments of DC and Marvel when the primary superheroes were fused into one. Captain America and Superman were amalgamated while Iron Man was combined with Green Lantern to form Iron Lantern. Iron Lantern got the best of both the heroes as he wore the Iron Man suit but also sourced his powers from Green Lantern’s ring.

 5. Victor Von Doom

Yes, even the coldest and most sinister villain of Marvel Universe was Iron Man once. It occurred when Tony Stark was badly injured from the second Civil War and couldn’t return to his post. Iron Man’s mantle was carried on Reed Richards’ Doctor Doom as a way to compensate for his past actions.

 6. Iron Goblin

During the reign of Spider-Queen of the Spider-Island when everyone was infected with the spider-virus, Tony Stark was one of her victims who did her bidding. As he went to capture the other Avengers, he was sprayed with Goblin Formula. The Goblin Formula initially retrieved Stark to his true self and broke the spider-virus trance but gradually crawled into his sanity. As he began to grow insane like Norman Osborne, Tony sacrificed himself before he could further descent into madness.

 7. Marvel Noir

The Iron Man of Noir Universe had more powers than the mainstream one. He embarks on a dangerous mission with James Rhodes to rescue Pepper Potts from the captivity of the Nazis. But this adventure reveals a bigger and graver secret to him. He learns that Baron Zemo was his father Howard Stark who was kidnapped and manipulated by the Nazis.

 8. Fantastic Four: The End

In this series, the new version of Iron Man takes place after his death. He uploaded his consciousness into his metal armors that continued to live for decades after his death. This Iron Man fulfilled his wish by being a part of the future.

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