10 Super Creative Ways The Flash Could Use His Powers But Does Not

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use:

The Flash is known as the Fastest Man Alive. He has been one of the founding members of the Justice League and has saved the world countless times. We are all fascinated by his powers of SuperSpeed granted to him by the Speed Force. But there is so much more he could do with his powers that he does not even now.

 1. Create Limitless Energy

The Flash can run for unlimited amounts of time and at speeds that far exceed that of the speed of light. Barry Allen’s access to the Speed Force means he can never be tired and whenever he runs, he produces lightning in his wake that is enough to burn the asphalt on the streets. Barry Allen can use the Lightning produced when he runs to power a battery. Suppose there are a million huge batteries capable of storing such amount of energies within them.

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That would mean the world’s energy crisis is solved. Forget the Speed Force even! If the Scarlet Speedster has his legs connected to a pedal connected to a huge dynamo, he could produce electricity that could power the world for years to come.

 2. Conquer Time

The Flash has the ability to run across timelines. The Speed Force grants the flash the ability to run faster than the speed of light and defy the theory of relativity and the modern laws of physics. As the Flash defies all logic when he catches up to speed, he punches a hole in the Space-Time Continuum and generates a Tachyon field around him. This allows him to travel across time. The flash has already used the ability so many times in the comic books.

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There are people who have tried to use time travel technology to conquer the world. Marvel Comics has Kang the Conqueror, who is a being from the 40th Century that travels across time to invade different timelines to add to an empire that transverses time it-self. The Flash could do the same, end he could do it faster.

 3. Rid the world of all Criminals

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In the Dark Multi-Verse, we saw in Dark Nights Metal, there was an evil version of the Batman who stole the Flash’s powers and became the Red Death. As the Red Death and now a speedster, Batman would traverse the planet and kill people whom he deemed a threat on sight. There was no one capable of stopping him. The Flash does not have to be this extreme. He could still go lenient on the criminals. The Flash could patrol the entire world in a matter of seconds. So he could surely apprehend a criminal and put him in jail the moment he pulls out a gun to mug someone. The applications for criminal justice are truly limitless for the Flash.

 4. Learn quickly

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use

When the Flash runs, time slows down around him due to the time dilation effect. In this phase, a normal human’s regular motor functions would also slow down. But the flash’s Speed Force bubble means that he can still think and act in super speed. This also has other uses. The Flash can use his Super Speed to read and learn very fast.

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use

His short term memory and long term memory are both connected to his heightened photographic senses enhanced by the Speed Force. Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, once read all the books in the world and became a true genius, using his knowledge to solve crimes and stop supervillains. The Flash could also do the same. It will hardly take him two seconds. We wonder why he has not done it yet.

 5. Crack Codes

Maybe this is an ability you never expected the Flash to have. But it will come as a useful ability. The Flash is not necessarily known as a Code Cracker. To crack codes you need to have that acumen and aptitude and even a man of Science like Barry Allen does not possess it. But he does not need to as well. Remember the Flash can do stuff quicker than any man could. Give him a locker safe cod to crack and all he has to do is just trying out the six million possible combinations within a matter of seconds and it is good to go. The flash can use the powers granted to him by the Speed Force to just keep trying until one combination works. The Hit and Trial method may not be a suitable technique for code-cracking but if you are faster than light, it could easily be applicable to you in this domain.

 6. Completely change the face of Logistics

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use

When Barry Allen gained superpowers and became the Flash, he developed a special liquid that could be poured on his costume. This liquid can be used to shrink down his costume into the compartment of a ring he wears when he is not playing the Scarlet Speedster’s part on the streets. This looks like a trivial invention but has wide-ranging consequences for the global shipping and warehousing industry if given the go-ahead by Barry.

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use

The Apparel industry can use the liquid to shrink their inventories to the size of a fly and ship it worldwide at greatly reduced costs. You do not need huge spaces to store clothes or transport them. Barry could become a multi-billionaire once he licenses this technology to the big league Apparel and Shipping players.

 7. Change his profession

Granted being a Forensic expert in a Police Department gives him access to crime scenes and reports that would normally stay out of reach of Barry if he was a Civilian but the guy also needs to pay his bills. We know how Barry struggled to make ends meet in the comics. With his Sped Force powers, he could have a change in his profession, one that could use his powers better and has better pay.

Imagine if Barry became like a Rocket Scientist after reading everything there is to read on Super Speed or become the world’s greatest expert on Cyphers. He already has both abilities. Flash could get better pay instead of his regular 9 to 5 job that pays so little and does not support a crime-fighting career.

 8. Master Magnetism

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use

All Speedsters can use their powers to run fast. When they run, their wake leaves a trail of lighting. The flash and many other Speedsters always use this lightning for offensive purposes. They usually throw it around like a Javelin towards their enemies like Zeus throws his thunderbolts. The Flash can use this lightning generation ability for another powerful effect – create electro-magnetism and control it. It is not like it has not been done in the past. The lightning from Speed Force has been used to generate electromagnetic energy. Max Mercury and even the Reverse-Flash have done it. It is time the Flash takes it up a notch and becomes the Master of Magnetism of the DC Universe.

 9. Evolve himself

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use

This might seem like we are trying to overstretch it a little bit but it is still possible. The Flash runs at speeds that are way faster than the speed of light. Time slows down around him. He is pretty much protected by the effects of aging as long as he stays within the Speed Force bubble he creates when he runs. This would mean that the Flash could actually evolve him-self the longer he runs. The Speed Force actually has mysterious properties that allowed the Gorilla of Gorilla City to evolve to have an unprecedented level of intelligence beyond human capabilities. That happened in The New 52 TimeLine. Who is to say it could happen again.

 10. Become the World’s greatest foodie

Creative Ways The Flash Could Use

Okay, why should all of his abilities be directed at saving the world or gaining a new useful ability that would come handy in crime-fighting? The Flash has an extreme basal metabolic rate. His metabolism works a thousand times faster than that of a regular human being. This heightened rate of metabolism gives the flash the ability to heal quickly. It also makes him extremely hungry. He needs to keep his carbohydrate and sugar levels up so that his body does not go into shock due to the lack of both. This means that the Flash could eat anything and at any point of time, he will still have more than enough space in his stomach for that extra slice of apple pie. Think of the possibilities of people!!

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