DC Comics Just Turned Wonder Woman Into The Ultimate Goddess of The Universe

Wonder Woman Turned Ultimate Goddess of The Universe:

Over the years, many of the DC Superheroes have had major changes to their character backstories. Batman, Superman, the Flash, and the rest of the Justice League have had several retcons in due course of time. But none of them have had their origin stories molded and then remolded again the way Wonder Woman has been. She has had multiple origin stories and DC Comics just could not have enough of her. They have changed her origin story yet again and this time they have given her the Ultimate God Ability.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #2 up ahead. Enter at your own risk….

The recent most origin story modification saw Wonder Woman being biologically related to the God-king Zeus. She even found out that she has a twin brother. A lot changed for Wonder Woman after that. Alternate character backstories and premises are not uncommon in the superhero genre but this one certainly takes the cake in terms of sheer creativity and ingenuity. Diana Prince’s new origin story is now a combination of her last two origin stories. While at first, this may sound like absolute redundancy, there might be a reason behind it.

Wonder Woman Turned Ultimate Goddess

The original story of how Wonder Woman came to take us decades back into the past. Queen Hippolyta crafted a clay figure and asked Zeus to grant it life. The Clay Figure became a human being and thus Diana Prince was born. After Crisis, Wonder Woman became an entity that was powered by the Greek Gods of Olympus. She had the powers of Hercules, Hermes, Apollo, Aphrodite and the rest of the lot. With her training as an Amazonian warrior, she became a force of nature to be reckoned with.

Wonder Woman Turned Ultimate Goddess of The Universe

The Flashpoint Paradox led to Wonder Woman’s story being changed yet again. She was now the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus after the Queen of the Amazons had an affair with the King of Mount Olympus. She was a Demi-God and had a seat reserved for herself amongst the Gods in Olympus. Wonder Woman: Dead Earth has effectively created a merger between the two stories, creating a unique origin story that has only ended up giving Wonder Woman a major power upgrade.

Her new origin story is revealed when Wonder Woman is still an angry teenager. She punches through a cliff while having a temper tantrum to which her trainer Nubia starts getting concerned. She reports the incident to Hippolyta. The latter is not surprised and shares with Nubia a story. When Hippolyta was about to leave Man’s World and discover her Kingdom in Themyscira, she threw a grand party. This party had the best food, the best wine, and the best entertainment throughout space and time. The Gods got drunk and passed out.

Wonder Woman Turned Ultimate Goddess of The Universe

Hippolyta quickly took a knife and then collected the blood of all the Greek Gods, storing it in an urn. She knew that the urn would hold great power and she needed to use it wisely. When Hippolyta created the clay statue which would one day become Wonder Woman, she infused the urn containing the blood of all the Greek Gods (which also includes Zeus by the way), to create the perfect Greek Warrior Goddess.

Hippolyta just stole power from the Gods and gave it to her daughter. Will the Gods be happy after they come to know about this betrayal? Let’s see how the dice rolls.

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