Comic Book Characters That We Wish Would Date Each Other

Comic Book Characters We Wish Date:

Regardless of whether they belong to Marvel or DC, these comic book heroes and anti-heroes seem to be perfect soul mates for each other. Matchmaking is always fun and we had the power; we would have linked our favorite characters together. Interestingly, even though most of these pairs have never appeared together on screen, these imaginary couples are already a hit.

 1. Thor and Storm

Imagine the hurricane that would follow if these powerful Gods ever unite. If Thor is the God of Thunder, Storm is no less of a Goddess who can control atmospheric pressure, weather, and temperature. With their strengths clubbed together, they’d become one of the most powerful and formidable couples as Thunder-Storm.

 2. Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen

Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen are bound to get attracted if they ever meet each other, but that would be a long-distance relationship. On a hopeful note, after the release of Spider-Man: Into Spider-Verse, there is an increased possibility of crossover universes in the future.

 3. Wolverine and Jean Grey

With the takeover of Fox by Disney, our X-Men dream to unite Jean and Wolverine have been buried. Even though Jean was with Cyclops, the attraction and chemistry between her and Wolverine were strongly felt by the audience.

 4. Batman and Wonder Woman

Batman’s brooding and cynical disposition need a compassionate person like Wonder Woman. Her affectionate nature would help Bruce Wayne to step out of his shell. They did make up a pair in the Justice League comic book series.

 5. Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde

We strongly feel that Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde would see right through each other. They are young souls who carry heavy responsibility on their teen shoulders. They both are socially awkward and rely on humor as a defense mechanism in times of stress.

 6. Deadpool and Harley Quinn

Even though they are universes apart, Deadpool and Harley Quinn would make the coolest couple. Both the anti-heroes are insane, carefree, and unpredictable with their humanity hidden deep underneath. There is bound to be fireworks between them the moment they meet.  Imagine the doom that would fall upon the city they’d be in.

 7. Miss America (America Chavez)and Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Kate and Chavez are best friends who met each other during their SHIELD and formed the Young Avengers team. But their friendship had more layers and we wish to see their chemistry blossom.

 8. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Nova (Sam Alexander)

With Ms. Marvel and Nova’s impending arrival in MCU, we can soon expect the trinity of Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Spider-Man. Even though Kamala and Sam were mostly quibbling over a trivial matter, it was rather adorable. Kamala’s dorky cuteness blended perfectly with Sam’s wit. It would definitely make an entertaining couple to watch.

 9. Susan Storm and Namor

Susan Storm and Namor had their own ways of expressing feelings which made them an odd couple. But fans couldn’t help themselves from sensing the irresistible and strong attraction between the two. The Invisible Woman may have ended up with Mr. Fantastic in previous movies but our hopes are restored for Storm and Namor in a reboot.

 10. Jubilee and Tim Drake

Tim Drake aka Robin is the famous sidekick of Batman, and Jubilee is a mutant from X-Men. These two heroes from different universes did meet during the DC vs Marvel crossover. We could sense the mutual attraction by the sparks between them.

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