CW Show Containment Surges in Popularity For Being Too Similar to Coronavirus Outbreak

Containment Similar to Coronavirus Outbreak:

A certain viral outbreak that originated in China ended up engulfing the whole world and making us afraid to the extent that our governments advised us not to get out of our homes until advised otherwise. The Coronavirus led us to have a self-imposed quarantine, disrupting our lives to an extent we thought was never possible for an evolved flu virus to affect us in the modern 21st Century. But it is what it is. We never knew what hit us. But had it been already predicted is the question.

The conditions and the situation we are all facing right now was already shown to us in this 2016 CW original show that had already revealed to us how life in quarantine while a viral outbreak ravages the world outside looks like. And it is already gaining more viewership as we speak.

All the streaming services and networks are already offering so many shows for the viewers to watch and bid time as they wait out the virus to settle down and die. But more and more people are being influenced by the times and switching to watch pandemic and epidemic themed shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Contagion. One particular CW show called Containment is gaining massive popularity due to this new trend. It is right now the tenth most-watched outbreak themed show on Netflix while Netflix’s documentary show Pandemic sits at the 9th position on that list.

The show, although claimed to be a CW original, is actually based off of a popular Belgian show called Cordon that aired a few years ago in the European Networks. The CW network ordered a rehash of the Cordon TV Show on the 7th of May, 2015 after Cordon garnered rave reviews from critics and was an overnight success. The reason it is called a CW Original is that it has an original screenplay and an entirely different theme and setting. Containment aired on the 16th of April next year in 2016.

Containment Similar to Coronavirus Outbreak

Containment follows the life and times of a group of citizens leaving in a quarantined part of the city of Atlanta, where an Epidemic has destroyed the city’s infrastructure with most people running away, trying to find some cover. The Series is mostly concerned with how people caught in the Epidemic, infected or otherwise, become affected by it personally as well as professionally which changes their lives forever.

On the 12th of May, 2016, due to poor viewership, The CW Network announced that they will not be renewing Containment for a second season. The series remains a limited series with an abrupt but very intriguing ending, leaving most of the story for interpretation by the audience and it is up to them to imagine how they want the series to end. With a powerful cast like David Gyassi, Christina Moses, Kristen Gutoskie, Claudia Black, Hanna-Mangan Lawrence, Trevor St. John, and Chris Wood, Containment is a must-watch for people who would like to jump in on the outbreak genre trend.

On the other hand, Pandemic is a series that is concerned with how the authorities juggle with various factors and players to come up with a vaccine. The series has extensive interviews with doctors, medical researchers, anti-vaxxers, and common citizens, who would all affect how the government manages to come up with vaccines to treat all kinds of the disease of Influenza.

Containment Similar to Coronavirus Outbreak

Both the shows shed light on some pretty fundamental flaws in how governments are inefficient to fight the greatest weapons in Mother Nature’s inventory, once they run amok. We suggest you watch Containment to see how eerily similar it is to the current times – mass hysteria and civil disobedience are one of the many facets it explores vividly.

Containment Similar to Coronavirus Outbreak

The official synopsis of The CW Show Containment (Now available on Netflix) reads:

When a mysterious and deadly epidemic breaks out in Atlanta, a vast urban quarantine is quickly enforced, forcing those stuck on the inside to fight for their lives while local and federal officials desperately search for a cure.

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