10 Things Variant Loki Does Not Know Happened To Original Loki

Loki is all set to premiere on Disney+ from June 9. The character is now a fan favorite, even though we have got to see his various shades. He was initially shown as a villain in the MCU. But the character has changed a lot as the franchise has progressed to other projects. And of course, the Loki we saw in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame was completely different. The Disney+ series will show that version of Loki which escaped in Avengers: Endgame. So he is not aware of everything that happened after the Chitauri attack in New York. Mobius might tell him about a few events just as it was shown in the trailer. But he may not tell him about everything. So, here are the probable things Variant Loki does not know happened to the original.

1. Loki ruled Asgard as a disguised Odin

Loki has the ability to shape-shifting. He used this to trick Odin and tried to rule Asgard in his disguise. Loki always had a dream to rule Asgard. He also felt that he will be a better king in comparison to Thor. Somewhere, Loki was a good ruler since Asgardians were happy under his rule for four years. But the alternate Loki did not get that chance to rule Asgard. But Loki’s trailer is showing that same ambition inside him.

2. Encounters Hulk on Sakaar

In 2012’s The Avengers, Hulk flipped Loki left and right a few times. Probably it was the funniest scene in MCU. Hulk also called Loki a ‘puny god’. Now it looks like the original Loki was traumatized by the experience. This was evident since he was terrified when he saw Loki again on Sakaar. The Contest of Champions was going on and Thor had to fight Loki. Maybe the alternate Loki is also afraid of Hulk.

3. Thanos kills Loki in Avengers: Infinity War

Thanos finds Loki and Thor in space and tries to retrieve the Space Stone. He planned to wipe half of the universe. We saw a change in Loki in Thor: Ragnarok. So here Loki fights alongside Thor to stop Thanos. But Thanos kills Loki by crushing his neck when Loki tries to kill him. Loki has been always shown as someone invincible from death. But his death in Infinity War shocked many MCU fans. But the time heist in Endgame helped Loki to escape this terrible fate.

4. Thor recruits Loki to stop Malekith

things Variant Loki does not know

Loki and Thor had a lot of differences between them. But they were still seen teaming up together to stop Malekith. Malekith tries to unleash darkness on the Nine Realms and Loki knew a secret entrance to Dark Elves’ home, Svartalfheim. Later we also saw Loki saving Jane Foster. This was the first time they fought together after Thor’s coronation. The alternate Loki has not yet teamed up with Thor. It looks like Loki has still not resolved his problems with Thor.

5. Doctor Strange puts Loki in an unknown place

Loki travels to Earth when Thor tries to locate his father. But considering Loki’s history on Earth, he is almost hated by everyone there. Doctor Strange puts Loki in an unknown place when he gets to know about his arrival on Earth. This is a scene that proves that Loki cannot be trusted. Now the alternate Loki is not are of his moments and encounter with Doctor Strange. Now Loki’s trailer shows that Loki has been imprisoned by the TVA.

6. Loki’s adoptive parents are dead

Loki learns the truth about his parentage as a Frost Giant. He then develops a complicated relationship with his adoptive parents. He despises Odin who always loved Thor. But Loki was more attracted towards his mother, Frigga. Odin and Frigga died in the original timeline. Loki was angry and heartbroken after Algrim killed his mother. The original Loki later also reconciled with Odin. Now it is not known if he is still in touch with Frigga. She might be alive in the series’ timeline.

7. Loki rescues Asgardians in Thor: Ragnarok

Loki might not be an Asgardian by birth. But Asgard is still his home. So, the alternate Loki is not aware of the events of Ragnarok. But the original Loki also joined the others in rescuing the other Asgardians before Surtur caused the inevitable doomsday. This shows Loki’s growth and selflessness and also sways away from his mischievous acts.

8. Hela is Loki’s adoptive sister

The events of Thor: Ragnarok takes place four or five years after the events of New York. The original Loki gets to know about his adoptive sister Hela from Odin before he dies. Odin dies and this frees Hela from imprisonment. Her desire to rule Asgard forces Thor and Loki to team up and defeat her. The alternate Loki has not met Hela. But both of them have a lot of things in common. This includes costume color preferences, ambition to rule Asgard, and being horrible siblings of Thor.

9. Loki fakes his death again

things Variant Loki does not know

Loki is known as the God of Mischief and The Trickster. He is a magic expert. Loki can manipulate illusions and can also shapeshift. He used his powers to fake his death. Loki created an illusion where he gets stabbed by Kurse. The alternate Loki has faked his death after falling into a wormhole. But Loki faking his death is a very common thing in the Thor franchise. Now, this might be useful for the alternate Loki in the future.

10. Originally Loki reconciles with Thor

Loki and Thor have been rivals for a long time. But people mostly loved Thor. This is why Loki disliked Thor and was jealous of him. But just like other siblings, Thor and Loki hate each other at one point and then they team up to take down an enemy. But the alternate Loki has not experienced the same thing in his timeline. But he might have the feeling of brotherly love for Thor.

So these are the probable things Variant Loki does not know.

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