10 Reasons Why Ultron Is The Best MCU Villain Till Now

Even though there are many fans who did not like Avengers Age of Ultron as much as the previous one and there was a little criticism about the movie, but there is no denying that the villain of the movie was top notch. We loved the villain even though it was a little controversial. Here are the reasons why Ultron was the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He is Terrifying!

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Imagine the entire internet being hacked and everything that exists on the world network becoming totally vulnerable. The idea itself was terrifying and this actually happened in the movie. An artificial intelligence became real and went rogue and it was really threatening and the whole world had a cybernetic hell unleashed upon them.

He is the product of Avengers and an Infinity Stone!

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Loki was a villain because he was a villain. He was a Frost Giant and the Asgardian God of Mischief, and that made him who he was. But Ultron was much different, because he wasn’t already a presence. He was the very product of the work of Stark and Banner and their meddling with an Infinity Stone. But even then, it was the Avengers’ actions that truly motivated Ultron to fight against them which gives him a much bigger reason to finish them as he is not doing that to just conquer a planet.

He got in the heads of the Avengers

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From the moment he was created, Ultron had a plan, a goal. He knew that the Avengers would be there face and stop him, so his first action was to seek out the other two creations of the Mind Stone, Pietro and Wanda Maximoff . In a way, they are his own siblings, another product of the Avengers and their influence on the world. Now due to the various set of powers all 3 combined had, Ultron was able to totally distract the Avengers along with Pietro, and Wanda managed to mess with their minds and the team took a big hit.

He was Ruthless

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When Doctor Helen Cho walked into her lab to find Ultron in the shadows, threatening to kill her entire staff if she would scream, there was no doubt about how ruthless the robot could be. Same goes for when he cut off Ulysses Klaue’s arm, when he likened him to Tony Stark or when he set a train filled with civilians derailing, just so he could make his escape!

His Plan

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Loki only wanted to conquer and rule earth, but Ultron’s main aim was global extinction. He wanted to obliterate the entire planet to start it all from scratch. Some people have been vocal about their letdown when it comes to the title of the movie — “Age of Ultron” — seeing as how Ultron was alive for only a few days. But it’s important to remember that the movie’s title didn’t summarize the story of the movie. The “Age of Ultron” wasn’t an era or a saga, it was a plan; the ultimate goal the villain sought to bring to life. He made a freaking meteor out of Sokovia and if he would have succeeded, boom, global extinction.

He has a God complex

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Although he was created by man, Ultron quickly saw himself to be above mankind. He saw their flaws as things that couldn’t be overcome and thought the world would be better off without them — a true godlike motive that he carried out by quoting or referencing the Bible. “Upon this rock, I will build my church,” he said, when he acquired the vibranium.

The big guns had to take him down

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The entire Avengers team was actually no match for Ultron’s army as they kept coming and coming and there was no stopping him. The big hitters of the team had to strike together on that one individual to make him kneel.Thor, Iron Man and Vision all attacked together and then the finishing was done by the incredible Hulk.

He was Dramatic

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Ultron was a grandiose character with a grandiose plan for world destruction, and he had all of the traits of a grandiose personality to go along with it. You cannot mess with him because he may seem funny, but he is very dramatic and if he loses his temper, we all saw what he did with Ulysses. It wasn’t just that he saw himself as a superior god-like entity, it was also that he talked and acted like one. A total Drama king.

James F**king Spader!

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Ultron was voiced and played by none other than James Spader. He did the motion capture for Ultron and made him feel very humanoid and ruthless at the same time. It was great work by Spader as we loved and were threatened by Ultron at the same time.

He Disassembled the Avengers

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He was the first one to split them apart by messing up their minds. He was the reason the rift began amongst the Avengers and that rift was further capitalized and it lead to a freaking Civil War. Ultron was the beginning of what the Avengers are right now.

He Killed an Avenger

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Now that the Avengers’ ranks had grown by three, with Vision, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, there were even more superheroes fighting against Ultron. But even when he was on the losing side of his fight, he commandeered the quinjet and unleashed a hail of bullets on them. Seeking to kill Hawkeye, Quicksilver stepped in to save the archer – but it came at the cost of his own life. The only villain until now who has managed to kill an Avenger.

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