Phoenix Force About to Merge With Major Villain to Create Earth’s Mightiest Villain

Phoenix Force to Merge With Major Villain:

Marvel has introduced several entities of power that govern aspects of the universe. We have beings like Galactus, Eternity and Infinity, Eon, the Living Tribunal and the likes that serve the universe under the One Above All. And then there are other primordial forces. They are sentient but they are also unpredictable and because of the roles they have, they have a free reign and a very long leash.

The Phoenix Force is one such entity. All its life, the Phoenix Force has only shown a huge capability to destroy and create chaos. Many a time the Avengers and the X-Men have, via tremendous hardships and sacrifices, managed to subdue the Phoenix Force. Well, looks like this time the cosmic force juts might have the brains as well as the brawns to prevail.

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers ahead for Avengers #32 written by Jason Aaron, Jason Keith, Francesco Manna, and Ed McGuinness. If you still have not read it yet, we suggest you look away….

Before we begin, we have to give the people who are newcomers to the realm of comic books regarding what truly is the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Force is the guardian of reality. It is old as time itself. The entity is extremely powerful, consisting of pure psychic energy. It is actually the epicenter and nexus of all psychic energy that ever was, is, or will exist. The Phoenix Force has the power to change reality and alter or amputate parts of the universe it deems unworthy of being a part of the continuity. Throughout its history, the Phoenix Force has chosen a host to become its avatar, the host being granted enhanced abilities that make him or her literally a God amongst men.

We all know the most well-known and infamous host of the Phoenix Force. During the Dark Phoenix Saga, Jean Grey gets possessed by the Phoenix Force and is completely overwhelmed by its power. The Phoenix Force ends up corrupting Jean Grey and the X-Man would then go on a cosmic rampage, destroying entire civilizations in a fit of rage and a grand temper tantrum before being stopped. Jean Grey was a testament to the Phoenix Force’s true power. Even the powerful Shi’ar Empire was no match to the power of the Phoenix Force that Jean Grey had in her possession.

Another interesting fact about the Phoenix Force is that it is the source of all life that will ever exist in the universe. When Rachel Summers, descendent of Cyclops from the far future, is possessed by the Phoenix Force, Galactus tries to take the force apart and kill it. As he inserts Rachel’s body into the machine for the Phoenix Force to be extracted and killed, all the stars in the entire universe start to fade away.

The Watcher then reveals the real conundrum. The Phoenix Force is the God of Life in the Marvel Universe. If it is killed, no life will ever spring out of the universe. Like Galactus (who cannot be killed since he helps provide a balance to the universe), the Phoenix Force also is vital to maintaining that balance.

The Phoenix Force is a necessary evil. It will always be more or less an enemy to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes but it can never be killed lest the superheroes of Earth risk destroying the entire universe in the wake of the act of killing it.

Phoenix Force to Merge With Major Villain

The Avengers are known to go beyond the final frontier to get the job done. They have fought inter-galactic dictators, time travelers that have conquered entire alternate timelines and are looking to conquer theirs, monsters and cosmic powered threats. They recently came back from a mission where they successfully managed to retrieve a human child blessed with the power of the Star Brand. But the one entity that has made the Avengers cower in the ensuing years is the Phoenix Force. The reason being it keeps coming back again and again to torment the Avengers as well as the X-Men.

With the 32nd issue of Avengers by Jason Aaron, the entity is back and it is back with a vengeance. In a comic book arc titled Earth’s mightiest villains, the plot thickens as many players come into the scene. Mephisto is about to play his strings again and become the man behind the curtains, making the Avengers dance to his tune in a grand cosmic orchestra, where he is the Maestro.

Many such players that have played a part in Jason Aaron’s time in the previous Marvel issues are being used in the upcoming Avengers issues. The Superhuman Anti-Hero and King of Atlantis called Namor the Sub-Mariner being chief among them. Namor hates the surface world and believes they are the ones responsible for most of the woes the underwater world faces. He has waged a war against the surface world many times but this time, he is taking it to a whole new level. His attacks on surface dweller installations, mainly on the facilities of the Roxxon Corporation and the Avengers, have increased dramatically.

In a bar deep under the sea, a bartender is having a casual conversation with Namor as to how to move forward in his plans to take out the Surface World. The Bartender suggests Namor have better allies if need be since they will come in handy in the war that is about to come. He also gives a ridiculously ambitious idea. Instead of Namor going to join hands with the Russians and the blood-sucking vampires, why not take it up a notch and invite an old (cosmic) friend to join the fold? Namor knows what he means. Namor has a new goal in mind – take control of the Phoenix Force and make the world get ready for a whole new world of pain.

The Avengers #32 comes to an abrupt end with Namor looking up to the stars and contemplating his time with the Phoenix Force when he had become one of its five Avatars during the Phoenix Five saga after the entity was splintered into five separate forces with Namor getting one-fifth of its power. Avengers #33 will not be exploring that thread for now because the next issue will is about the exploits and Adventures of Moon Knight and the Age of Khonshu. Moon Knight is yet another anti-hero who has steadily gained popularity over the years. Namor, at the end of the issue, feels that he could have done so much if he had the power of the Phoenix in his veins, coming to the conclusion that he still has a [personal connection with the Force he himself cannot explain.

And that is how the seeds are sown by Namor, seeds that will one day give rise to the Earth’s Mightiest Villain. Namor makes a mental pact that he agrees to honor should the Phoenix Force chose him as its host. In return for the Phoenix giving him the power to destroy the Avengers – the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once and for all, he will allow the Phoenix to control him and set entire galaxies on fire to satisfy its hunger for chaos.

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