10 Children of DC Superheroes Who Have Become Stronger Than Their Parents Could Ever be

Children of DC Superheroes:

The DC Universe is home to many superheroes. Over the years, these superheroes have sired many children. While most of them are nowhere near as powerful as their parents, some of them truly stand out. They have the zeal and the potential to become even greater than their fathers and mothers in the same line of work.

 1. Huntress – Cat Woman

Deadliest Members of Birds of Prey

In a parallel universe, Batman and Cat Woman actually end up marrying each other without all hell breaking loose as it does in the mainstream universe. The outcome of that marriage is Helena Wayne. Selina Kyle continues her profession as the superhero known as Cat Woman but she no longer takes to a life of crime. During one of her routine adventures, Selina dies at the hands of Silky Cernak.


Her mother’s death pushes Helena Wayne into pursuing Silky Cernak and exacting revenge. She is a natural athlete and has a gifted intellect. Born into a wealthy family and having inherited her father’s skills and her mother’s grace, Helena Wayne is the perfect combination of Batman and Cat Woman. She avenges her mother’s death and becomes a vigilante herself. She becomes the Huntress of Gotham City.

 2. Damian Wayne – Batman

Bruce Wayne became Batman after suffering a traumatizing experience. Damian Wayne never had that luxury. He was trained in the art of assassination and combat before he could even learn how to walk. He is the son of Talia al Ghul aka Daughter of the Demon’s Head, and Batman aka Bruce Wayne. Damian was naturally skilled in close-quarter combat and years and years of rigorous training by the most ruthless assassins the League of Assassins has to offer turned him into a stone-cold killer.

Children of DC Superheroes

Damian became the new Robin in the Bat-Family and had trouble adjusting. He was ruthless, brutal, and had difficulty curbing his blood lust. He has come a long way since then. Damian is no longer that moody kid but a mature, level headed boy who is more than capable of holding his own under pressure.

 3. Jon Kent – Superman

Children of DC Superheroes

Jon Kent is the son of Superman. That alone makes him stronger than many of the superheroes within the DC Universe. But there is a specific reason why we consider Jon Kent to have the potential to be even stronger than the Man of Steel. Jon Kent has a mixed heritage. He has the best of both worlds since he is half Kryptonian and half-human. This gives him a unique advantage.

He has the strengths of both races but none of their weaknesses. Batman has claimed that Jon Kent could become an even more powerful Kryptnian superhero than his father. The boy has already shown heightened abilities like a Controlled Flare, something that drains his father of all his powers. Jon is also the one that inspired the formation of the United Planets and the Legion of Superheroes.

 4. Terry McGinnis – Bruce Wayne

Modern problems require modern solutions. A Gotham City that was riddled with crime and evil required a caped crusader that could scour the night and stick to the shadows to strike terror in the hearts of men. In Neo Gotham, which is a city of neon lights and powerful advanced technology, just having a black cape and cowl would not do the trick. Terry McGinnis is the Batman Beyond of Neo Gotham.

He is actually a clone of Batman. But his intellect and physique are claimed to be far superior to that of Bruce Wayne as said by Amanda Waller. Terry also has access to gadgetry that Bruce never did – the ability to fly, a suit that could help him go invisible and heightened physical attributes are some of the few tricks up his sleeve.

 5. Tomcat – Wildcat

Children of DC Superheroes

Before New 52 invaded the DC Continuity, there was a superhero whose real name was Thomas Bronson. Bronson is the son of Wildcat, a very popular street-level DC superhero. Wildcat was one of the greatest close combat fighters in DC history and is known to possess nine lives. Thomas Bronson also inherited his father’s close combat skills but also actual superpowers. Thomas Bronson, courtesy of his mother’s genes, was granted the ability to turn into an actual Were-Cat. He could gain enhanced physical attributes because of this ability. Sure his father could throw a punch but Thomas could do way more than just a few parlor tricks.

 6. Impulse – The Flash

Bart Allen is the offspring of Barry Allen who traveled back into the past via his Speed Force powers. Bart Allen first went by the name of Impulse and was a pretty brash and anti-hero like character. Just like Damian Wayne, Bart Allen did not fare well and ended up on the bad side of his father. But he started mending his ways. Bart Allen let go of the Impulse mantle and became the new Kid Flash. Although there have been several Kid Flashes in the DC Universe, Bart certainly takes the cake.

His access to the Speed Force is stronger than any other Kid Flash’s. He also has better training and a more intimate connection with the Speed Force. He is even faster than any Kid flash. His stint with multiple superhero teams like the Teen Titans and the Young Justice team have taught him valuable lessons in teamwork and leadership.

 7. Fury – Wonder Woman

Children of DC Superheroes

The Pre Crisis timeline had introduced us to Hippolyta Trevor, the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. She belonged to the Earth-Two timeline like all other Golden Age characters. Hippolyta inherited all of her mother’s abilities. She also had the military discipline and the ideals that Steve Trevor imbibed onto her. Hippolyta inherited her mother’s mantle but let it go in favor of becoming her own superhero.

She became Fury of the Earth-Two reality. Like Wonder Woman, she had superhuman physical strength, speed, durability, stamina, reflexes, and endurance but also had additional powers. She could understand animals, had a regenerative healing factor and was completely invulnerable to magical forces.

 8. Connor Kent – Superman

Children of DC Superheroes

Connor Kent is not Superman’s ‘son’ per se. But in more ways than one, he is his direct descendant. Connor Kent is composed of half of Superman’s genetic material, the other half being Lex Luthor’s. When Superman died, the Government realized that they needed a Kryptonian Guardian to take care of them. Connor Kent was the outcome of that project. But Connor does not actually possess the same abilities as Superman. What he does possess is a superpower called Tactile Telekinesis.

This ability, which was a passive skill of Superman, could be used to emulate all the powers of the Man of Steel. Connor can even use it as actual Telekinesis to move matter with his mind. He is also immune to magical attacks which even Superman is vulnerable to.

 9. Jack Knight – Ted Knight

Children of DC Superheroes

Jack Knight is the son of Ted Knight, the original Starman from the Golden Age era of the DC Universe. After his brother died, Jack took over the mantle of Starman and became quite popular as a superhero. He handled his father’s Cosmic Staff and used his abilities in ways that were extremely creative and innovative. He could absorb and release unlimited amounts of energy. He could even fly and gain heightened durability. James Robinson did a stellar job of making Jack Knight a lovable character in the comic books. Jack even shared a powerful connection to the staff and he could call upon it like Thor calls his Mjolnir hammer when needed.

 10. Zatanna – Zatara

Children of DC Superheroes

Zatanna Zatara is the daughter of the famous 1940’s era Magician Superhero called Giovanni Zatara. Giovanni Zatara had the power to cast spells if he spoke the words backward. While a useful ability, it never helped Zatara became famous and popular like the rest of the superheroes of his era. Giovanni remained at best a supporting superhero. His daughter though is a real keeper.

Children of DC Superheroes

Zatanna Zatara is one of the most powerful magicians in the world. She has been a part of the frontline Justice League and Justice Society team. She is also one of the founding members of the Justice League Dark superhero team, the supernatural department of Justice League. Zatanna has helped save the world multiple times in comic books.

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