God-Power Theory – Marvel Explains How Superheroes Got Super Powers

How Superheroes Got Super Powers:

People have always wondered how people in comic books face accidents or incidents that would be otherwise fatal in real life and not just live through it but also gain superpowers in its wake. So many people end up returning from such events with abilities that the people stopped questioning because Marvel did not look like it was willing to give us an answer any time soon. But the calls of the fans have finally been answered. Marvel Comics has given its official explanation for the explosion of superhumans on Earth and it is called the God-power Theory.

How Superheroes Got Super Powers

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 up ahead. Enter at your own risk……

One of the smartest minds in the Marvel Universe, Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four is currently very close to proving a theory that he formulated that could reveal how Superheroes get their abilities in the Marvel Comic book Universe. When Franklin Richards, the omega level mutant that has godlike reality-warping powers, started to show a reduction on his capabilities, Reed Richards took to science for finding a solution.

In his notes, he has taken a cue from another prominent researcher who is an expert on the field of Imperiumology – the study of superhumans. Her name is Dr. Rachna Koul and Reed Richards Super Power origin theory is closely related to her findings. Dr. Koul suggested that each superhuman in Marvel Universe gains his or her abilities because of their connection to an extra-dimensional energy course unique for all abilities.

When Franklin’s power levels start going down, Reed Richards assumes that it is because of his connection to this extra-dimensional energy source Franklin draws power from is getting weaker. As a result, franklin is not able to use his powers to its greatest effect. And if Reed Richards intends to mend and repair that connection his son holds, he first needs to prove the existence of the God-Power Source, the very epicenter of Franklin Richards’ abilities.

How Superheroes Got Super Powers

Dr. Rachna Koul used this theory to help find the basis of her experiment that restored the powers of Hercules after the events of the Chaos War. Koul also theorized that the Fantastic Four will lose their abilities permanently if they stayed away from each other for too long. That theory of hers was also proven true when the Fantastic Four lost their abilities for a certain amount of time because they parted ways.

This theory called the God-power Theory totally revolutionizes the way we look at superhumans and superpowers. Previously, we thought the abilities that Superhumans in the Marvel Comic Book Universe had been innate. But the God-power Theory states that superhumans are basically conduits of energy and the better connection they have to the ultimate source that they draw power from, the stronger they will be at their ability.

This means that Super Humans are basically mediums that channel the God-power Source. And this raises the question – what if someone manages to take total control of this source of power? That individual will literally become a God amongst men and there is nothing the superheroes could do about it since they would be powerless, to begin with.

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Another theory states that the God-Power source is nothing but the energy provided by the One Above All who lends his powers to the forces of good aka the Superheroes. The Super-Villains are powered by the energies of the One Below All! Intriguing indeed!

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