When Bat Girl And Wonder Woman Fell in Love With Batman And Fought Each Other

Bat Girl And Wonder Woman in Love With Batman:

Bruce Wayne is known to have his way around women. As Batman, he has enticed several bombshells with his rugged charms like Poison Ivy and Cat Woman. Many Superheroes have also fallen to his antics. With a long history dating all the way back to the 1940s, Batman has had his fair share of well…being around. But the story we are going to tell you is going to knock your socks right off your boots. There was a time when Bat Girl and Wonder Woman fell so madly in love with the Batman that they would even dare to fight each other to death for his hand. We are not even kidding here. The comic book world can be a harsh, weird place at times.

Bat Girl And Wonder Woman in Love With Batman

In the older era of comic books, there was a tendency to make other non-title superheroes make a guest appearance in another superhero’s issue. They would never have any direct plot involvement. They would just serve as a sub-plot device. They would either be made to fight the lead superhero or take a hit. Nothing more and nothing less would be the norm. The feature would end the adventure very abruptly at times for the guess starring character and he or she would never be mentioned again. Such was the time for some superheroes back in the day.

In Batman: The Brave and the Bold#78, Aaron T had an idea for a very unique and rather hilarious comic book issue. He gave the idea for a ridiculous team-up between Bat Girl and Wonder Woman where both the heroes fought not because some supervillain had taken control of them but because they were looking for Batman as their suitor. Why? Because of Comic Books!!!

The issue was drawn by Bob Brown and the writer was the legendary Bob Haney. Haney is known for his Haney-Verse storylines. He would make any superhero appear in the comic books he is writing and they would do not as their character wished but how Haney wished them to. This basically means that sometimes a superhero would act out of character because of being in the Haney-Verse. This was an issue for the other writers but the Haney-Verse issues sold at the time like hot cakes so DC thought it was a necessary evil to have Haney’s Funnies on board.

But even the Haney-Verse would get wildly crazy at times. In the 78th issue of The Brave and the Bold, Copperhead makes his debut. He is a rather smart villain. His way of operations was simple – wait until Batman is out of Gotham City and he would start cracking safes and robbing banks. In the same issue, Wonder Woman and Bat Girl come to Gotham City to profess their love for Bruce Wayne aka the Dark Knight.

Copperhead thinks that this is the perfect time to strike because Batman is busy trying to stop a fight between two powerful superheroes that are hell-bent on trying to win his heart. Turns out it was all a ruse and Batman had tricked Copperhead into thinking like that. He had actually asked Wonder Woman and Bat Girl to play along so that Copperhead would let his guard down and he could catch him. Copperhead does not take the bait and Batman asks them to do the act again. But the second time, Wonder Woman and Bat Girl actually get into their characters so much that they eventually end up falling in love with Batman and fighting each other for real.

Copperhead uses this opportunity to get the better of Batman but eventually the day is saved with Bat Girl and Wonder Woman’s help. In the end, this is what the two superheroes had to say to Batman –“Sorry we fell in love with you”.

Now that my friends, is definitely a turn on!! What a truly ridiculous issue and such a funny one at the same time. The comics are a wonderful haven of imagination indeed!!! Batman is a sly devil, don’t you think??

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