10 Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics Universe

Some get their powers through accidents. Some are forced to accept them. Some gain them by choice. And then there are some that are born into it. The Marvel Universe is filled with people who are born into greatness. They are superheroes by birth-right. Wakanda gave us Black Panther. Atlantis gave us Namor. Attilan gave us Black Bolt. All of them are Kings who also became superheroes. But have you ever thought that there are not just kings that get to be superheroes? Behind every successful man, there is the hand of a woman guiding him. What fans fail to notice is that sometimes, it is the other hand of the throne that guides the Marvel Universe. The Queens of the Marvel Universe are so many to name but only a few of them are actually worthy enough to be on this list. Presenting – 10 Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics Universe!!

 10. Brood Empress

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

The Brood are a race of highly violent insect-like creatures that have only one goal – assimilate all life forms into their race and make the whole universe Brood territory. The brood are the enemies of all interstellar and space-faring races. They have made enemies off of the Shi’ar Empire, the Krees, the Skrulls and even the Human beings. Even after making so many powerful enemies, the Brood are a feared race because they are extremely dangerous. Leading them in their efforts to subdue the universe is the Brood Empress. The brood Empress is the Queen of the entire Brood race and commands each of her soldiers via a telepathic link. If she wanted, she could annihilate any planet she wants just by willing it, and the rest of her children will do the leg-work. She also has very strong psychic abilities which she uses to control other life-forms, both brood, and non-brood.

 9. Storm

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

Storm’s real name is Ororo Munroe and she is one of the strongest mutants to ever exist. As a matter of fact, her weather manipulation powers are so incredible that she has been labelled an Omega level mutant, the greatest threat level that could be assigned to a mutant individual. Ororo Munroe is also a powerful personality and has a charismatic aura. She is a true leader. She also has the chops to take down any person she wishes just by using her bare hands in a bare knuckles fight. Storm, many do not know this but, is a very adept close combat fighter. She is so skilled that she once bested Cyclops, one of the greatest fighters of the X-Men, in combat even when she did not have her powers anymore.

 8. Medusa

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

Medusa is the wife of Black Bolt and Queen of the Inhumans. Hailing from the Inhuman Royal Family, Medusa has developed powerful contacts using her political vantage point. Her contacts extend from the highest echelons of leadership on Earth as well as the far reaches of space. If that was not enough to convince you she is virtually untouchable, Medusa’s Inhuman abilities allow her to control her hair. Her hair is said to be stronger than steel and is virtually bulletproof.  She can use her long prongs for the offence as well as defence.

 7. Shuri

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

Shuri was the talk of the town after Letitia Wright portrayed her in Black Panther (2018). After that, Shuri’s popularity just exploded. But Shuri has been in the comic books for a longer time than she was in the movies. It is only rational to think that she has already left a huge mark in the comic books. Shuri was the Queen of Wakanda, the world’s most technologically advanced nation after T’Challa left the throne. She not only commanded a huge army but using her genius level intellect, pushed Wakanda to newer heights. And she also consumed the heart-shaped herb to become the new Black Panther.

 6. Jane Foster

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

In the Original Sin comic book storyline, Nick Fury whispers something to Thor Odinson and he is suddenly left unworthy of Mjolnir, which then Jane Foster picks up to become the new Goddess of Thunder. As Thor, Jane becomes the new ruler of Asgard and controls thunder, lightning, storms and everything that comes in between. Jane Foster was going through chemotherapy at the time as she was diagnosed with cancer. Every time she picked up Mjolnir and transformed into Thor, her chemotherapy was undone and after several such times, her chemotherapy was completely undone and her cancer returned with a vengeance. Even still, Jane Foster was able to defeat Doctor Doom in her weakened state and even managed to save the entire Asgard from certain doom by sacrificing her life to defeat a nigh-invincible monster.

 5. Valkyrie

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

She is now the Queen of the Asgardians after Thor relinquished the throne to her. In the comics, Valkyrie is a winged angel that escorted souls of warriors that died valiantly in the battle-field to Valhalla. Valkyrie has also been a part of several superhero teams in the Marvel Universe including the Avengers. Valkyrie is one woman you do not want to mess with. Don’t let her beautiful looks fool you. She is a mighty warrior that can kill ten men using nothing but her little finger. Valkyrie is one of the strongest warriors in Asgard, which is city that has a martial culture that honours warriors, so that is saying something. She was able to hold her own against Thor, the strongest Avenger. So if we were you, we would probably think twice before ticking her off.

 4. Lilandra

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

The Shi’ar Empire is one of the strongest inter-galactic empires in the Marvel Universe. And Lilandra is the Shi’ar Queen. Trained in various levels and forms of armed and unarmed combat ever since she was a child, Lilandra Neramani has been moulded into a living weapon. Her Shi’ar physiology means that she is stronger than the average human being by at least a factor of ten. She also has telepathic powers. Lilandra is not one of the bad guys though. She believes in nobility and the concept of humanity. Lilandra is not only a weapon on her own but also a force to be reckoned with once she puts on the Shi’ar Crown and commands its galaxy-spanning armed forces.

 3. Veranke

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

Veranke is the Queen of the Skrulls. She is the invisible hand that drives literally everything that the Skrulls do. Whatever ruckus you hear the evil, shape-shifting aliens causing, you can blame it to Veranke since all they do is what she asks the Skrulls to do in her name. Veranke is a very capable tactician and strategist, having devised and meticulously planned the entire Secret Invasion story arc that took the Marvel Comic Books Universe by storm. She believes that Earth is destined to become the new Skrull Home-World. It was only in a New Avengers issue that it was revealed that she was actually a Skrull.

 2. Adriana Soria

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

Adriana Soria is a former US Soldier that was driven insane after she was exposed to deadly levels of radiation that gave her radiation poisoning. Soria would then disappear from mainstream comic book storylines only to resurface years later as the Spider-Queen. She had the ability to control humans and make them do her bidding. Soria also had a special ability that allowed her to exercise mental control over people with spider-like powers like Peter Parker for example. With the help of Jackal, Soria managed to turn Manhattan into a Spider-Island, which also was the reason for the acclaimed Marvel storyline of the same name.

 1. Selene

Most Powerful Queens in Marvel Comics

Selene Gallio is more popularly known as the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, a secret mutant society that is an enemy of the X-Men. Selene is an immortal psychic vampire who can feed off of the life-force of other beings and turn them into her eternal slaves. Born 17,000 years ago, Selene is immortality has allowed learning everything and anything that is superhumanly possible to know about. She is one of the greatest sorcerers ever and has a variety of mutant superpowers that she has gained and stolen over the years. She also has a very quick healing factor and is immune to all forms of poisons and venoms. She is also a very powerful telekinetic who can rival the powers of Jean Grey in her Phoenix form.

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