New Cosmic Team to Rival The Avengers Makes Official Debut in Marvel Comics

The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are probably the most powerful and most popular superhero team on Earth, second only to the Justice League from DC Comics. As the years passed by, the team’s fan following has only exponentially grown in numbers. But Marvel Comics is not just home to the Avengers. They are also home to a plethora of other equally famous Superhero teams. They never got quite the stature as the Avengers did though. A New team of superheroes has actually managed to pull this off. They could be the first cosmic team to be even more popular and powerful than the Avengers. Presenting – New Cosmic Team to rival the Avengers makes an official debut in Marvel comics!!

SPOILER ALERT: Major Spoilers for Free comic Book Day 2019 Avengers/Savage Avengers#1 up ahead. Enter at your own risk…..

Avengers Marvel Comics

As of now, the Avengers are involved in the events of the War of the Realms saga. As much as we would love it to continue, it has to come to an end and pave way for other story arcs to take its place in the Marvel Comic book universe. The Mega Crossover event will lead to the Avengers getting back to their job of fighting huge space Gods hell-bent on destroying the universe, extra-terrestrial threats and also tackle new and upcoming angles to their superhero lives – the emergence of a new superhero team of Washington D.C titled Squadron Supreme of America.

Avengers Marvel Comics

There is a lot going on in Marvel Comics nowadays. So Jason Aaron, one of the chief writers of Marvel Comics, decided to jump the gun and use the free comic Book Day title event of 2019 to reveal his next work in Marvel Comics. There are already a lot of announcements of new superheroes joining the Marvel Comics. There is Namor’s Defenders of the Deep. There is also Squadron Supreme of Washington D.C. Then there is another superhero team whose domain will range from Earth’s upper atmosphere and beyond. Apart from Iron Man’s encounter with Jurassic era behemoths and a demonic looking four-wheeler, a new cosmic superhero team that is based on the lines of Guardians of the Galaxy is also teased in the issue.

Captain Corsair and the Star Jammers

The gist of the storyline is this – a Shi’ar warship is trying to radio-hail an unknown group of Earthlings in outer space. The ship is hovering near Ravenstarr, a galaxy that serves as a maximum security prison for the universe’s worst criminals. Upon closer look in the next pages, we are shown the Earthlings that are being hailed too. They are – Captain America (wearing Corsair’s blue and red fatigues), A brood infected Thor, She-Hulk with a Cr’reee atop her shoulder, and Captain Marvel with her head aflame.

We still do not know how Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk ended up the way they did in that issue. How did they end up transforming into such drastic iterations to their characters? There is a lot that is going to happen in the future timeline of Marvel Comics, and the ensuing events will probably change the fate of the Avengers forever.

And how in the hell did they end up in a prison galaxy which has a size similar to the Milky Way Galaxy? The issue reveals that the Star Jammers are traveling to a planet called “Target World”. The mysterious planet has the Star Brand symbol etched onto its crust. We already knew that the Star Brand is returning when it was teased back in Avengers #10, at the back pages that revealed upcoming storylines. It will also be interesting to see how the Avengers fill up the shoes of the Star Jammers, a group of outer space out-laws that regularly challenge the Shi’ar empire and help save innocent lives from harm’s way.

Corsair, who is the most long-standing leader of the Star Jammers, also happens to be the father of Cyclops of the X-Men. Speaking of which, what happened to the real Star Jammers? Did the Shi’ar Empire finally get to them? What has the Star Brand got to do with it now? There are a lot of questions that we could use some answers to. 

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