5 Major Instances Where X-Men Killed Each Other Brutally

X-Men has been ruling the comic books since the moment they were registered in the Marvel world. Created by legendary Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the group first appeared in X-Men #1 in 1963 and pledged to guard the world that fears them. Basically, this mutant team was formed to build peaceful relations between mutants and humans, and that’s how Professor Charles Xavier rose to prominence. But there were times when X-Men had no problem in cold-blooded killings of humans and other mutants. In today’s compilation, we bring you five instances where X-Men killed each other shockingly.

Professor Xavier wipes Apocalypse to death

X-Men killed each other

Apocalypse is considered as one of the indestructible villains of Marvel world. He has died several times in storylines but the one from 90s X-Men cartoon was scornfully abusive. As Apocalypse abducts most of the psychics of Marvel world, X-men manages to liberate all the psychics and that’s when Professor Xavier expunge the immortal Apocalypse.

Wolverine kills Sabretooth

Sabretooth is another mutant who possesses bestial superhuman abilities, like super healing and killing a mutant with the same power was a challenge for Wolverine. As he goes berserk in Wakanda, Wolverine recalls legendary swordsmith Muramasa and he ends up slashing Sabretooth’s head.

Colossus puts Riptide to death

X-Men killed each other

Decades back there was a time when X-Men and X-Forces joined hands to prevent a group of mercenaries to clear off Morlock’s city, in a crossover event known as the Mutant Massacre. Marauders were responsible for the massacre of the Morlocks. During the fight, Colossus kills one of the Marauders, Riptide.

Wolverine eliminates Mystique

Wolverine and Mystique have a long history together. From enemies to lovers to teammates, they have always found themselves in complicated relationships with each other. During “Wolverine Goes to Hell” storyline, Wolverine is persuaded by a demon. They face off each other and Wolverine end up stabbing her through the chest.

Cyclops kills Donald Pierce

X-Men killed each other
X-Men killed each other

Donald Pierce is a cyborg who is also a member of Hellfire Club. So this time X-Men kidnaps the Pierce in “Second Coming” storyline. As he destroys all the jets and vehicles of X-Men, Cyclops kills Pierce with an optic blast.

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