Goku vs Superman: Who Would Lose And Why?

Goku vs Superman: Who Would Win?

This has been an age long debate going on between comics and anime fans about if the two Gods, Goku and Superman go all out at each other. Who would win? We’ll get to the answer later but first, let’s talk strength


Goku vs Superman
Goku vs Superman

The guy is mentally able ton withstand long hour of fight due to his training by Master Roshi, King Kai and Whis, not only that he’s continued to grow stronger everytime in battle. Thanks to his Saiyan blood. He has super strength, super speed, knows martial arts, has flight ability, some reaally big attacks like the kaio-ken, the Kamehameha wave, the spirit bomb etc. Also, the skill of instant transmission is a big gift to the saiyan warrior.


Goku vs Superman
Goku vs Superman

Well, the Man of Steel is practically indestructible, having great sensory prowess, heat vision, ice cold freezing breath, x ray vision, super strength, super speed, flight ability, can survive in space and really good endurance. This guy can take on thousands at one time and is one of the strongest in the DC universe.

If we get these two to fight, sure there will be a lot of carnage, with both destroying a lot of property and going at each other with full force, falling down, getting back up, thanks to their endurance and longetivity, but then Goku’ll power up and the game will change, he’ll be way more powerful than Superman, as his strength equals Sup’s in the base form itself.

Goku vs Superman

After that Superman will have no choice but to do the only thing that Goku can’t take him to space and fight.

But then again, Goku could just use his instant transmission and get out of there, or power up and be a Super Saiyan God and smack Superman back to earth, after which well.. we could only say, Superman sure was fun, till the time he survived, as there is no chance of him even being close to Goku’s power level when Goku is at Super Saiyan God stage, as he can devower planets at that point, with a flick of his finger.

Goku vs Superman

Let us know which other characters from similar or different universes would you like to see fight each other to the very end.

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