WandaVision: Who Is Agatha Harkness? – The Witch Behind It All

Episode 7 of the WandaVision chapter shows the debut of Agatha Harkness, she makes her appearance as the puppet master of the entire WandaVision episode plot while partly being in control of the Hex and manipulating Wanda and multiple events within the reality-altering Hex. But fans of the Marvel Comics Universe have seen and read about the magic-wielding sorceress or witch for more than 5 decades and just like Scarlet Witch, Agatha Harkness’s power has grown and evolved in the decades that the comic fans have known about her magic conjuring and manipulative tendencies of the old dark witch. It is also to be noted that because of her close association to the book called ‘The DarkWorld’ she is often accompanied by multiple mystical villains one of them being, Mephisto the Marvel version of the devil.


Agnes is Ancient

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Agnes has been known to be from a time where she remembers the Atlantis, sinking to the bottom of the ocean and may have been alive even before that. If we were to go by that logic, then to elaborate in the Marvel comics the sinking of the Atlantis happened somewhere around 10,500 B.C. This period in consideration places Agatha Harkness at a ripe age of 13,000 years old. With more than 1300 decades of experience under her belt, she has been known to even exceed the likes of Thor and Apocalypse who was supposed to be reigning during the time of the Egyptians.


Harkness led to the Salem Witch trials

After spending millennials conjuring her magic in the old world, Agatha Harkness traveled to North America in the late 17th century and settled down in the colonial town of Salem, Massachusetts. Where she founded a coven of witches, hoping to be freely allowed to practice her arcane and mystic arts without any hindrance from the surrounding community. All of those who know about the Salem Witch Trials now know that it was never meant to happen the way she wanted it to go along. Unlike the actual world trial, Marvel Comics world trials were instigated by Agatha herself against the witches of the coven, to help her filter out the strong ones from the entire lot. Eventually, an encounter with a time-traveling mutant called Firestar convinced Agatha of her wrong ways and she then moved to a new secluded area with the remaining members of her coven and named the place New Salem.


Agatha helped to found a women Superhero team

In the late 1700, the American revolution broke out, and once again Agatha Harkness left the peaceful solace of the newfound New Salem and ventured into the non-magical world of the humans. She became a founding member of an all-women superheroes team called the ‘Dawn of Liberty’ and took upon herself in teaching the recruits the secrets of the mystic arts, whilst helping them fight off the tyrant rule of the British empire. Even after the independence, the Dawn of Liberty never really disbanded and stuck around till the present times.


Agatha Joined the US army

Several Marvel characters have been a part of the US army, but could hardly imagine Agatha Harkness to be a part of the same. She enlisted herself in the US Army following the events of WWII, where she joined the department of the Uncanny to hunt down the escaped Third Reich sorcerers. Along with Emerald Warlock and Ghost Dancer, she became part of a team led by Major Alan Dakor.


Hilda Von Hate

During her escapades with the Department of Uncanny, Agatha found her first true archnemesis in Hilda Von Hate, who was a member of the SS group which was Adolf Hitler’s bodyguard unit, which would, later on, become an elite squad prepared to carry out any wishes that the Furhuer wished to have accomplished without the need for any legal documentation. Agatha and the department tracked Hilda down and put a permanent stop to any troubles caused by the evil sorceress.



Agatha Harkness had a magical creature known as a ‘Familiar’ who took the form of a black feline named ‘Ebony’ and was her partner in all her escapades. Just like Agatha, Ebony looked nothing like her actual form, in her actual transformation she would transform into a giant wildcat and take on Agatha’s enemies one paw at a time. She eventually met a tragic but necessary end after spending centuries next to her old owner.


Agatha Harkness made Wanda Maximoff pregnant

WandaVision Agatha Harkness
WandaVision Agatha Harkness

After the team of Fantastic four in no more need of a nanny, Agatha left the Fantastic Four and joined the Avengers as a tutor to Scarlet Witch. It was during this timeline that the Salem Seven comprised of Agatha Harkness’s grandchildren who tied her to a stake in the center of the New Salem town she once founded. Scarlet Witch reached late to the unfolding events and the loss of her mentor enraged her to take down the Salem Seven, but in defeat, the Salem Seven released their demonic energy and lay complete waste to the whole town. However, Scarlet Witch was able to escape the destruction with a portion of Agatha’s energy which she, later on, uses to impregnate herself with twins, whose future was filled with uncertainty.


Agatha Harkness wipes away Wanda’s memory

After Agatha’s grandkids burnt her at the stake in New Harlem, she came back from the dead, at that time Wanda had given birth to 2 healthy boys and was informed by Agatha, the two boys that were formed by the reminiscence of the magic which was scattered in the area after her battle with the Salem Seven consisted huge amounts of demonic power, which had traces of Mephisto power. In a turn of events Mephisto claimed the babies and Agatha instead of trying to stop the bounty hunter, instead cleared all of Wanda’s memories of her having the kids in the first place.


Agatha taught Scarlet how to raise the dead

WandaVision Agatha Harkness
WandaVision Agatha Harkness

With no memories about her nonexistent kids, Wanda continues her training under the careful supervision of her mentor. Soon Wanda figured out that her abilities far exceed her potential as a mutant. Under the guidance of Agatha Wanda was able to resurrect her ex-lover Wonder Man from the grave after a lot of goof ups and practice.


Wanda kills Agatha

As time passed Wanda’s memories of her kids resurfaced and after that, all hell broke loose. Wanda lost control of her mind and her reality-altering powers while slaying several avengers in the process, briefly rewriting history and depowering 98% of the mutant population. But before all that Wanda tracked down the person responsible for the loss of her kids and the one who erased her memories in the first place, Agatha. Although this would not be the end of the teacher and student duo.


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