10 Actors Who Were Unrecognizable In Specific Roles

Over the years we have gotten to see some of the most awesome performances from actors. These performances have a major impact on the movies and we get to witness certain things that we might not expect to see in feature films. In order to give this performance, the actors often undergo some massive transformations that add to their performances. Let’s take a look at those actors who were unrecognizable in their movies.

Tilda Swinton – Various Roles (Suspiria)

Actors who were unrecognizable

Tilda Swinton is an absolutely brilliant actress and she manages to prove it with each and every role that she takes on. Fans might be surprised to know the number of characters that she took on for the remake of the Italian horror film Suspiria by Dario Argento. The actor took on the role of Madame Blanca and Dr. Klemperer while also appearing as another character around the end of the movie. There was such a stark difference in the look and feel of the character that one of these characters was even credited with being played by a fictional person. Hence, this made her one of the actors who were unrecognizable.


Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique (X-Men: First Class)

One of the most essential characters in the X-Men franchise has to be Mystique. Her presence is responsible for some of the most interesting developments in the franchise and over the years two actors have played the role majorly. But the second actor, Jennifer Lawrence was hardly recognizable when she took on the role as fans had seen her performances quite a lot with projects like Hunger Games and others.


Gerard Butler – The Phantom (The Phantom Of The Opera)

Nowadays Butler is mostly known for his action films that chase the narrative of oncoming apocalyptic events. The actor has an interesting resume when it comes to performances where he was seen taking on some absolutely overlooked performances. It isn’t surprising to find out that he was overlooked for his performance in The Phantom of The Opera.


Charlize Theron – Megyn Kelly (Bombshell)

Charlize Theron too got her name in the actors who were unrecognizable for undergoing interesting transformations for her roles and this has garnered her some great reviews. She won an Oscar for her performance in Monster from Patty Jenkins and the actor was hardly recognizable in the role. But much recently the actor had a massive transformation for her take on the role of Megyn Kelly as the actor could not be separated from the TV host.


Eddie Murphy – Various Roles (Coming To America)

Eddie Murphy is a comedy legend and he only proves his brilliance with his comedic movies where he takes on most of the roles. Each role is so well disguised that fans will have a difficult time identifying that these are played by Murphy himself.

Eddie Murphy – Mr. Wong & Rasputia (Norbit)

Murphy managed to prove his worth again by making a significant amount of prosthetics to play multiple roles again. Even though the movie didn’t really come out that well the actor didn’t hold back with his style of comedy and it ended up receiving an Academy Award nomination.


Mark Ruffalo – Hulk (The Avengers)

Avengers Endgame Hulk

The Marvel movies are known for their excellence in the CGI aspect and thus it was surprising to see how they brought Hulk next to the other heroes for The Avengers. But the entire aspect of the character was based on Mark Ruffalo and somehow it could hardly be seen even though both the characters had a similar vibe. The actor also did the voice for Hulk while using motion-capture CGI for the looks.


Tom Hardy – Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)

Bane Gotham Fox

Bane is a character that required a certain amount of muscle to feature strength but Nolan went for a different take on the character. He wanted the character to have a certain look and feel that focused more on the strength in terms of the persona of Bane and this made for an interesting portrayal from Tom Hardy. The actor was hardly recognizable as he went for the muscles while at the same time giving an interesting performance with his eyes.


Michael Keaton – Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice)

Best Horror Comedy Movies

The otherwise calm and composed actor went absolutely haywire for this take on the role of Betelgeuse in this dark comedy. His performance was only helped by the absolutely brilliant way in which Tim Burton decided to bring the character to life. There are moments of pure fun followed by a shocking scare. Fans had considered this role to be evidence of the fact that the actor cannot play Bruce Wayne for Burton’s take on the Dark Knight.


Colin Farrell – Penguin (The Batman) !!!

When the first look for The Batman was revealed, fans were absolutely surprised to see the character that was being played by Colin Farrell as the actor couldn’t be recognized at all in the role. A lot of names were stated for the actor who was playing the role of Oswald Cobblepot based on this appearance but ultimately it turned out to be Colin Farrell himself. The actor has revealed that it took him hours to get prepared for this role with the number of prosthetics associated with the performance. Even after all that the actor really enjoyed the process making him go unrecognizable and he will be seen taking on the role again pretty soon.

Were you able to recognize any of the actors in the above-mentioned movies? Do let us know about it in the comments below.

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