10 Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than The Avengers

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers:

When we think of Marvel Superheroes, we are reminded of the Avengers. But the Marvel Comic Book Universe is much more than just the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. They have several superhero teams who are way better than the fan-favorite Avengers. All they need is a chance to outshine the Avengers, who have started hogging way too much spotlight, to be honest.

 1. Squadron Supreme

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

Squadron Supreme first debuted as Squadron Sinister, an evil alternate reality group of superhumans who have conquered their world and are now looking to expand their reach to other universes. The team was inspired by Marvel Comics’ attempt to create a team of superheroes modeled after DC Comics’ greatest superhero team, the Justice League. As the years have passed by, Squadron Sinister became Squadron Supreme with almost all the superheroes turning a new leaf and turning towards the Light Side.

Marvel Making Its Own Justice League Movie

When you think about it, they make all the more sense to be a team of heroes who are way better than the Avengers. They are the best of both worlds. Marvel has combined their classic humor-filled storylines with the serious tone of DC Comics to give us a team that has all the advantages and none of the flaws.

 2. Illuminati

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

The purpose of the Illuminati was simple – eliminate threats before they endangered the world. To that end, the Illuminati worked closely, sharing critical information amongst each other, and craving out ways to dispose of people and performing actions behind closed doors, to secretly change the course of the world.

Their intentions were for the greater good but they ended up becoming a flawed council that ended up becoming the very thing they were designed to eliminate – a global threat. The Illuminati’s roster consisted of Tony Stark, Professor X, Doctor Strange, Namor, Mister Fantastic and Black Bolt. Each member of the team was supposed to represent one aspect of the world like Strange was the representative for Magic, Professor X stood for the mutant race, and Black Bolt represented the Inhumans.

 3. The Ultimates

The ultimate superhero team Avengers

The Ultimates are a relatively new superhero team. The members consist of Captain Marvel, Blue Marvel, America Chavez aka Miss America, Spectrum aka Monica Rambeau, and Black Panther of Wakanda. The Ultimates do not deal with Earthly problems anymore. Marvel has made them a truly cosmic team. One of their greatest achievements was undoing the actions of Galactus. Turns out, the machine that gave Galactus his power was supposed to work a little longer before Galactus decided to jump out of it.

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

The process was incomplete. The Ultimates used the same machine to trap Galactus in and resumed the process. Galactus turned from the Devourer of Worlds to Galactus the Life Bringer, which was the true purpose of his existence all along. The Ultimates also have better racial and gender representation than the Avengers ever could.

 4. The Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four are known as Marvel’s First Family for a reason. They consist of the Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, the Thing, and the Invisible Woman. Why they are better than the Avengers is pretty straight forward. The Fantastic Four deal with threats regularly that the Avengers would crap their pants when they encounter one.

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

They have dealt with Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds on their own. The Avengers require the entire roster to be present to deal with a cosmic level threat while the Fantastic Four have dealt with beings like that like it’s a piece of cake. They are a four-member self-sufficient team, unlike the Avengers. They also have allowed other members to be a part of their rosters like Spider-Man, the Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and even the Hulk. Their most well-known substitute member is She-Hulk.

 5. X-Factor

The X-Factor team was launched in the year 1986. They were supposed to represent the covert X-Men team that worked in secret to protect human rights. Back in the 1980s, the mutants were truly despised and so the idea of a mutant superhero team would have been frowned upon in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. The X-Factor was originally composed of the five original X-Men members. Angel was the millionaire heir who had two feathered wings and in peak human physical condition. Beast had superhuman physical attributes and was a genius. Iceman was an Omega Level Mutant with the power to control ice. The biggest contribution of X-Factor was furthering the romantic story arc between Cyclops and Jean Grey, who were also the founding members of the team.

 6. The Exiles

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

The Exiles are in no way stronger than the Avengers. If the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fought this group of heroes, they would be easily defeated. But power and strength alone are not the criteria to be a better superhero team. As a concept, the Exiles are a way cooler herd. They are the Legends of Tomorrow of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

Several insignificant superheroes who are either on the brink of death or are supposed to have too little impact on their timeline even if they are taken out of it are teleported to another dimension, where they are given an option to become a part of the Exiles. The Exiles traverse different realities and alternate timelines to correct the wrongs of parallel universes. Eventually, the Exiles became so popular that Marvel considers them to be one of their greatest breakout successes even today.

 7. The Thunderbolts

The Thunderbolts are better than the Avengers for pretty much the same reason the Exiles were. They have better character development and a cooler core ideology and method of operation than the Avengers. Over the years, the Earth’s Mightiest heroes have become somewhat bland. We mean sure they go on all sorts of adventures but as an entity, they have become too monotonous. That is where the Thunderbolts come in!! They are a group of super villains under the leadership of Baron Zemo.

They were supposed to replace the missing Avengers and gain the public’s trust. When they were finally the peoples’ heroes, they would then launch their strike and reap huge benefits. But as fate would have it, the Thunderbolts’ super villains started liking being superheroes and the appreciation they got from the people for their honest efforts. The supervillains then tried turning over a new leaf. Now how does that NOT sound cool!!!

 8. X-Force

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

The X-Force was formed under the leadership of Cable. They have one motto and one motto only – use any means necessary to eliminate all threats to the mutant race. They are a group of mutant mercenaries that frequently travel across time and dimensions. The X-Force has had a rather colorful roster of heroes like Wolverine, Domino, Deadpool, Cyclops, Colossus, Bedlam, Boom Boom, Hope Summers, Forge, and even X-23 and Sunspot. The X-Force was supposed to be a revamped version of the New Mutants team but they ended up becoming so popular that they got their solo series and are now a prominent part of the mutant lore in the Marvel Comic Book Universe.

 9. Alpha Flight

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

Now, what is a Canadian Superhero team doing on this list? Let’s be honest we all have a soft spot for the Canadians. They apologize a lot, eat a lot of Maple Syrup and are downright humble folks who like minding their own business above all else. Alpha Flight is none of those things. They work under the Corrupt Department H, the Canadian version of SHIELD that operates globally to do its selfish bidding. Alpha Flight also consists of pretty unique and amazing superheroes like North Star, Aurora, Sasquatch, Talisman, and Vindicator.

It is one of the crown jewels of the legendary comic book writer John Byrne, who considers Alpha Flight as one of his greatest creations. The team was formed under the leadership of James Hudson, the Canadian Superhero more popularly known as Guardian and Weapon Alpha in the comic books. Wolverine has also been associated with the team a lot of times.

 10. X-Men

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

X-Men We believe this superhero team was bound to be on this list. They have been Marvel’s foremost superhero team that has been at the forefront of all major story arcs all along. Long before the Avengers became the mainstream the X-Men had the flag in their hands. And frankly, they have much better storylines to tell like Messiah Complex, Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past, and Age of Apocalypse. They also have way better superheroes as their members. The X-Men also have something that the Avengers could only dream of having in their possession – a busload of diversity amongst their ranks. Marvel has finally been giving them the recognition they deserve in the comic books.

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