10 Newest DC Villains That Were Introduced Last Decade

DC Villains introduced Last Decade:

DC Comics is known to have the greatest supervillains of all time. Take for example the Joker or Lex Luthor. But even DC has realized that the fans need fresher faces as antagonists. The same bad guys do not intrigue them anymore. And the last decade has done a splendid job by introducing some pretty cool new bad guys for the superheroes of DC to fight against.

 1. Boot Face

DC Villains introduced Last Decade

Many ridicule Boot Face for his crazily awkward origin story. Boot Face was once an ordinary gang member who was kicked in the face by one of Batman’s smoldering heels. The burning rubber stuck to his face and the imprint of Batman’s face stuck forever on his face, permanently disfiguring him for life. Boot Face and the other villains like Scallop and Bat Head made plans to exact revenge on Batman for mutilating their bodies.

The character had a pretty short run and arguably so because the guy was written as nothing more than a laughable character by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. He could have had a better take at his job if he was written well. After all, he represents the collateral damage caused by Batman’s one-man war on evil. Boot Face embodies the demons of Batman’s past sins.

 2. Leviathan

Leviathan was actually an organization started by Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul aka the Demon’s Head after she exited the League of Assassi9ns and tried her own luck and found an organization that could work effectively under her total control. Talia soon left the organization with the latter becoming a headless snake. Leviathan returned with a vengeance later on.

Turns out a mysterious masked man known only as Leviathan had taken over it and was prompting it to work on the much grander scheme of things. The Masked Man is later revealed to be Mark Shaw aka the superhero known as Man-Hunter. Shaw had lost faith in humanity and the world and was no convinced that the only way to save society is by making it collapse from the inside and make it undergo a hostile takeover.

 3. Godspeed

Speedsters in DC’s Death of The Speed Force Event

The Speed Force Storm that grappled the entire Central City gave away more than what it was asked for. The Speed Force Storm released unknown energies that gave a lot of other innocent bystanders, superhuman speed. Effectively, it turned a lot of unsuspecting individuals into Speedsters with access to the Speed Force like Barry Allen.

August Heart was one such speedster. He worked in the Central City Police Department who had lost faith in the system after the Law let the killer of his brother walk away due to a technicality. He would use his newfound abilities to push his brother’s murderer from a deadly height and then siphon off powers from other speedsters to become faster. He became Godspeed.

 4. Mister Bloom

DC Villains introduced Last Decade

Not much is known about the super-villain known as Mister Bloom except the fact that he literally hates Gotham City and wants it to be purged out of the map. First coming to the surface when Bruce Wayne’s death emboldened other super-villains to take to the streets and commit crimes leading to Jim Gordon taking over the role of Batman with a powered exoskeleton, Mister Bloom has shown himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Mister Bloom can project ice out of his hands and can control technology. He can even alter his size and use his razor-sharp claws to slice open cold rolled steel if need be. But his greatest ability is using “seeds” – robotic technology that is used as implants in people and grants them superhuman physical abilities. He uses these seeds to entice innocent people into doing stuff they do not want to. Bloom’s entry into Gotham brought along a splurge of meta-human presence because a lot of them used the seeds to gain a temporary surge of power. These seeds were also deadly because they only worked by feeding on the hosts’ life foe force.

 5. Oblivion

When we talk about Green Lanterns, one of the first human lanterns that come to mind after Hal Jordan is Kyle Rayner. As a gifted artist, his power of imagination allows him to use the Green Lantern Power Ring in ways that not even the greatest of Lanterns could have thought of. He can get extremely creative with the way he uses the ring to create energy constructs out of thin air.

Kyle Rayner has even breached the Source Wall and used the Power Ring to rewrite the Source Code itself. But while doing so, he unleashed another supervillain on the universe. His name is Oblivion and he is composed of all the negative emotions of Rayner like greed, lust, wrath, rage, fear, and anxiety. Oblivion can project illusions and shape-shift his form into whatever he wishes to. He also has the same powers as Kyle Rayner.

 6. Barbatos

Before the dawn of time and space, there existed only one entity called Perpetua. The Monitor, the Anti-Monitor, and the World Forger were her three children that were tasked with protecting, preserving and creating new universes. The World Forger, as the name suggests, was tasked with creating new universes out of the deepest darkest fears of all living beings.

The universes that were too unstable to survive were later destroyed by the World Forger’s dragon called Barbatos and the energies were returned back to the World Forge. Barbatos later killed his master and took over the Forge, crating the Dark Multi-Verse and starting the chain of events that lead to Dark Nights: Metal.

 7. The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs belongs to a twisted universe deep within the Dark Multi-Verse.  He is actually Bruce Wayne who is infected with a special case of Joker Venom that leads him to go crazy and assume the identity of the very Clown Prince of Crime he had been fighting all these years.

The Batman Who Laughs has the ingenuity of Joker and the Skills of Batman. He is a deadly combination who sees the world as his personal playground/chessboard. His plans are too much even for the Batman to crack and he is a lethal opponent to fight against because you never know what he has up his sleeve.

 8. Negative Flash

Meena Dhawan worked in Star Labs as a scientist experimenting on extra-dimensional energies, specifically the Speed Force. When the Speed Force Storm struck Central City, Meena also gained access to Speedster abilities and became a superhero called Fast Track. Meena helped Flash a lot of times and the two became a couple of sorts.

DC Villains introduced Last Decade

Using her genius-level intellect coupled with her lighting fast reflexes and speed, Meena became a force of nature. And then news of her death struck Flash really hard. But Meena did not die. She had merely faked his death and was now working for a terrorist organization called the Black Hole. They were trying to unlock the secrets that Star Labs held and use form their own personal benefits. Meena had played the Flash-like a fiddle.

 9. Volthoom

Volthoom was the first Lantern ever. He does not belong to this universe but one that is in another alternate plane of reality. When Krona conducted his infamous experiment to watch the Big Bang, Volthoom found a way through a rift created by the chain reaction Krona’s experiment created. Volthoom tutored and taught the Guardians of the Universe about the Emotional Spectrum and how to tap it for great power.

The Guardians created the first Power Ring but Volthoom stole it and tried to conquer the universe using it. The Guardians joined forces to defeat Volthoom and he was later trapped in Chamber of Shadows, which was located within a Black Hole. It still was not enough to stop him and he returned to terrorize the universe again.

 10. Jason

During the Darkseid War, Myrina reveals to Wonder Woman that she actually has a twin brother who is the true heir to the power of Zeus, not her. Jason works as a fisherman in the Aegean Coast near the Greek Lands and he leads a normal life. But it is soon revealed that he is actually evil and has had a long grudge on Wonder Woman, who was always able to overshadow him and considers her to be the reason he was banished from his homeland. Jason has all the powers of Zeus.

DC Villains introduced Last Decade

He can control the skies, lightning and the divine energies also give him energy manipulation and the ability to heal himself. He was also trained in the art of armed and unarmed combat by Hercules, the God of Strength and his half-brother.

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