6 Badass Black Superheroes In The Comic-Book Universe

Black superheroes have always been one of the influential and badass comic book characters who have an impressive appearance and thunder to cause turbulence in fortresses of evil. They tend to look stronger.  Okay, let me be a little precise, who are your favorite Black superheroes? Here we bring you six most badass and death-challenging black superheroes of comic-book world.

Spawn (Al Simmons)


Spawn is still a standout amongst the most conspicuous dark legends, and his outsider achievement could be viewed as a distinct advantage not only for characters of shading but rather for the whole outsider model.

Captain Marvel / Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)


Monica Rambeau has been consigned to Marvel’s B-List category and has numerous exceptionally vocal fans and a grandiose place in Marvel history to recognize her as a saint. Monica turned into an Avenger, notwithstanding driving the group for a considerable length of time, and was one of Marvel’s most notorious legends in the 80s.

Green Lantern (John Stewart) & War Machine (James Rhodes)


It’s difficult to pick between John Stewart and James Rhodes for this spot on our rundown since they both changed the amusement when it came to both turns off characters and legacy legends.

Stewart and Rhodes both speak to a particular comic book prime example: the dark saint who imparts a name and power set to a white ancestor. Stewart was chosen by the Guardians to be Hal Jordan’s remain in as Earth’s Green Lantern, while Rhodey was Tony Stark’s handpicked substitution when he quickly resigned as Iron Man.


Black Superheroes

Static (or Static Shock, as he’s occasionally called) is essential for being the most unmistakable character from Milestone Comics, a whole superhero universe steered by dark makers, with an accentuation on dark legends who mirrored a perspective that was not (and some would state, still is not) sufficiently being investigated in comic books in the 90s.

Static was the breakout star of the Milestone line, which included many comic books character.

Luke Cage / Power Man


Considered as one of the main dark legends to feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Luke Cage was a basic hero for hire shielding his neighborhood from super wrongdoing. Cage developed from a man of the general population to one of the top Avengers, driving a few incarnations of the group and getting to be one of Marvel’s top saints.

Black Panther

black superheroes

Black Panther no doubt has changed the game of comic books. Black Panther has broken boundaries by becoming the first black Avenger and a leader of the Fantastic Four. He is expected to break boundaries in 2018 with his solo film.


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