10 Celebrities With the Most Exotic Pets (Leo Has a Tortoise)

Adopting a cat or dog is not bad. There are a few Hollywood celebrities who have some exotic animals at home. Previously, Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee, Bubble lived in Neverland with them. Others include monkeys, donkeys, snakes, alpacas, and tigers. But it is important to note that wild animals are not called pets. They can become aggressive as well as depressed while they are not in their natural environment. So let’s have a look at Celebrities with the Most Exotic Pets.

Celebrities With the Most Exotic Pets

1. Kirstie Alley – Lemurs

Kirstie Alley has 14 lemurs at home. She stated in an interview that she started having lemurs at home since it is a great animal. She was interested in the conservation of Madagascar and saving rainforests and forests. Alley said that it is easy in Los Angeles since the climate is almost identical and she just fell in love with them. The actress frequently shares pictures of lemurs on her Instagram feed. But having lemurs as pets is not a good idea. They are wild animals and have natural instincts.

2. Slash – Snakes, lizards, and crocodiles

Slash is well-known for his passion for reptiles. In 2008, the popular guitarist had around one hundred snakes, lizards, and crocodiles at home. He said once that he is a self-taught zookeeper and can relate to the animals he has lived with better than to most of the humans he has known. Earlier this year, he also grieved over the death of the 25-year-old snake, Pandora. He loves snakes and Nicolas Cage and Willow Smith are two more actors who share the same interest.

3. Charlie Sheen – Water dragon

Celebrities With the Most Exotic Pets

Charlie Sheen once had a water dragon with him as a pet. He named it Hopper Jr. Unfortunately, the animal died and a few sources say that Charlie did not take good care of the pet. This was not the first time that a lizard belonging to Sheen has died of malnutrition and it looks like his dog also met the same end.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Donkeys

Arnold Schwarzenegger has two donkeys at home and he also frequently posts their photos on Instagram. He has also posted a picture of him singing Happy Birthday to Lulu, one of the donkeys who turned one year old. The pets are mostly in the house and they also look adorable. They had also interrupted Arnold once during a live interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Arnold is not the only actor who loves donkeys. Another actor is Reese Witherspoon who has two donkeys at home.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio – Tortoise

Leonardo DiCaprio is mostly known for having a dog named Django at his home. But most of us are unaware of the fact that he paid $400 for a tortoise at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show at Anaheim. It can live up to 80 years and weighs around 200 pounds. Leonardo DiCaprio is also an environmental activist. So it is not a surprise if he put the tortoise in a sanctuary.

6. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban – Alpacas

Nicole Kidman opened her house in Australia in 2017 for a 73 Questions video in Vogue magazine. While she was asked about her favorite part of the house, she didn’t think much and said that she loved her alpacas. She has an 11-acre farm a few hours from Sydney and it has a lot of space for alpacas. The alpacas are originally from South America but they are well-adapted in Australia. There are around 40,000 of those animals in the country.

7. Melanie Griffith – Lion

Celebrities With the Most Exotic Pets

Melanie Griffith grew up with a lion at home. His name is Neil and the 400-pound animal belonged to her mother, actress Tippi Hedren. Life magazine made a photoshoot of a 14-year-old Melanie Griffith playing with the animal in their garden and the animal was mostly inside the house. Griffith’s daughter, Dakota Johnson, stated that her grandmother had around 60 tigers and lions and now she has 14. She said that by the time she was born, they were all in huge compounds and it was a lot safer and wasn’t as totally psycho as it was when they started first.

8. Jennifer Garner – Chicken

Jennifer Garner is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. She has clicked some lovely pictures with her pet. She introduced her chicken, Regina George a few years ago. Her pet was on a leash and the actress stated that she loved long walks. It is impossible to not smile when you look at this picture. Unfortunately, Regina George passed away in 2018 and Jennifer Garner also shared a memorial video of her lovely pet on Instagram.

9. Justin Bieber – Monkey

A monkey was gifted to Justin Bieber on his birthday and he was a well-known face on Instagram. Bieber decided to take him on a tour to Germany and faced some problems at the Munich airport. The authorities stated a few months later that the singer needs to pay some thousand to the shelter where the monkey was, or else the animal would become the property of the state. The animal is now staying in German Zoo and has trouble communicating with other monkeys. Having primates as pets is not a good idea since they can cause serious injury through aggressive behavior while they don’t live in their natural habitat.

10. George Clooney – Pig

For 13 years, Farewell Max was George Clooney’s best friend and lived the best life money can afford. The actor shared his mansion with Max and allowed him to sleep in the bedroom with him. He traveled in John Travolta’s private jet and Clooney called it his longest relationship to date. The pig died in 2006 and he was the reason why Clooney ended two relationships. Rumors state that Celine Balitran said to him that it would be her or the pig and the actor chose the pig.

So these are the celebrities with the most Exotic Pets. Which of them surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments.

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