9 Game Of Thrones Characters That Were Replaced Without You Noticing

Game of Thrones is the biggest thing on TV right now and fans cannot wait for its next season to come out. Creating something this massive requires a lot of commitment and joint effort. The collective hard work of so many actors and the people behind the scenes have made the huge success of this show possible. There have been so many characters in this entire saga and so many actors have played them. These characters were even played by multiple actors and some of them were replaced without us even noticing it. Here is a list.

Daario Naharis

In season 3, the role of Daenerys’s lover was played by the British actor Ed Skrein. Starting from season 4, this part has been played by the Dutch movie star Michiel Huisman. The official reason for Skrein leaving the series was him being too busy filming The Transporter Refueled. But Edward himself claims that he didn’t leave the show — it was a “behind-the-scenes decision.” Well this was the only eye catching change that happened.

Beric Dondarrion

There was no official reason for this change to happen. Australian actor David Michael Scott played Beric’s part in one scene in season one. Later, in season 3, he was replaced by Richard Dormer and he has been playing the character till now. Fans now actually like the character even more as he came under the limelight now specifically. Perhaps the previous actor might not have liked the contract he was being offered or he might be simply unavailable.

Three-eyed Raven

The role of the Three-eyed raven was first played by Struan Rodger, but he was never shown up close. In season 5, Oscar nominee Max Von Sydow took his place, a decision the fans were happy with as whatever part he played in the show, it was played very well by the actor.

Tommen Baratheon

In the first 2 seasons, Cersei Lannister’s son was played by Callum Wharry. When his role was expanded in seasons 4 and 5, the creators of the show decided to change the boy for a more mature and experienced actor. Their choice fell on Dean-Charles Chapman (who played Martyn Lannister in season 3!). We have to say that Dean is a really lucky actor. He got to shoot a sex scene with Natalie Dormer who plays Margery Tyrell on the show. But unlucky for him, that happened only once on the show.

Selyse Baratheon

We only saw Sarah MacKeever as Stannis Baratheon’s wife in a single scene of season 2. Later, when Selyse was “promoted” to the main cast, the actress was changed to Tara Fitzgerald. Well that went unnoticed because no one really cared about the character that much until she came to the limelight.

Dickon Tarly

Freddie Stroma was playing Dickon in season 6 of Game of Thrones, and it was planned that he would continue. However, because the actor was also filming Time After Time, he had to leave the show. This is how Tom Hopper became the face of House Tarly. Well, it is good that the actor was replaced as Tom Hooper is a big guy and he seemed great as the warrior son of Randall Tarly. Too sad the character was burnt alive along with his father. Fans hoped that at least Dickon would be left to live. But unfortunately we saw him being roasted.

Night King

In seasons 4 and 5, Night King was played by Richard Brake. It was he who turned Craster’s son into a White Walker and commanded the army in Hardhome. Starting from season 6, he’s played by the Slovakian actor Vladimir Furdik. Well, the change of this actor looked only a little different and people could only make out the difference in the character’s look if they were very observant and looked very carefully.

Myrcella Baratheon

At first, Myrcella’s role was played by the Irish actress Aimee Richardson. Then her character disappeared for 2 seasons. In season 5 of Game of Thrones, the role was given to Nell Tiger Free, for the same reason as Tommen’s replacement. Also, they had to show the character a little grown, so they chose to have an older girl take the part.

The Mountain

Game of Thrones

This was the only character who was changed not twice, but three times throughout the series.  In season one, it was Australian actor Conan Stevens. He turned out to be too expensive and left Game of Thrones for The Hobbit. In season 2 of Game of Thrones, he was replaced by stuntman Ian Whyte. And from season 4, he’s been played by professional strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. We all have loved the latest actor who has been playing the character as he is the perfect definition of the character.

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