5 Hottest Female Celebrities Who Went From Fit to Fat

Walking in a celebrity shoes ain’t easy which is earned and requires immense hard work and dedication. From on-screen appearances to off-screen appearances, they have to be tip-top personally and professionally. With so many projects coming in, it gets hard to pick the ongoing trend in the industry. We always wonder, how do they maintain a healthy life and look so fit? Well, it’s a long discussion so better not delve into it right now. Alright, in this one, we are going to bring you five celebrities who were once bombshells and gained some fat. Check out the transformation.

1. Jessica Simpson

The multi-talented actress and a popular face of the country music industry, Jessica Simpson rose to fame after she signed an agreement with Colombia Records and came up with her debut album. She is a mother of two and has definitely gained some weight. And now she is away from the attention of paparazzi, but still looks hot.

2. Anna Gun

Anna Gun is popularly known for her appearance as the wife of Walter White in the famous TV Series ‘Breaking Bad’. If you have been following the show, then you would know how she became fit fat. Well, the actress struggled with depression and anxiety which lead to weight-gain.

3. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is a famous spokesmodel and a comedian who was once a symbol of sex. She rose to fame when she appeared in  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 1982.She is also known as Rebecca Howe on the NBC sitcom, Cheers.

4. Raven Symone

Raven Symone is one of the famous television personalities, who started her career in 1989 on The Cosby Show as Olivia Kendall. Gone are the days when she used to be a sex symbol, but now she has lost the thunder.

5. Kelly Clarkson

female celebrities who went fit to fat

Kelly Clarkson is the songwriter and an author who rose to popularity after she won the first season of American Idol in 2002. She used to be a bombshell, but with the time she could to able to maintain that persona.

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