Battle of The Hybrids: Doctor Doomsday Vs Iron Lantern – Who Will Win??

This is a special case of a Hybrid Battle. We don’t just have anyone today. And it is not even a regular mashup. The Superheroes we are talking about do exist. The Amalgam Universe was a joint collaboration of Marvel and DC Comics. They wanted to explore the possibilities of combining their flagship heroes and creating something new for the readers. Iron Lantern and Doctor Doomsday are two such projects that saw the light of day. And today we bring you a fight between them. Presenting Battle of the Hybrids: Doctor Doomsday vs Iron Lantern….

Before we dive into the actual fight, let us hear and understand the constituent heroes first. Better know the ingredients before tasting the soup right??

Doctor Doom:

Doctor Doom is rated almost every time as the greatest Marvel Comics Villain by several prominent entertainment media houses. Doctor Doom’s real name is Victor von Doom, the ruler of the tiny yet technologically advanced nation of Latveria and a dreaded Super Villain. Doom is not just a man of science. He has literally made a deal with the devil. The armor he wears is pure magic. He also has extensive arcane knowledge that could rival that of Even Doctor Strange. Doom’s greatest weapon is his mind.


A genetic experiment in a far-off alien planet, Doomsday is just what his name means, the end of everything. Doomsday started out as a lab experiment by the alien scientist Bertron in hellish world of pre-historic Krypton. Every time Doomsday died, his remains were collected and reanimated into something stronger and immune to the way he died the previous time. The process continued until Doomsday became unkillable. Doomsday later escaped Krypton to ravage other worlds before crashing on Earth and killing the one guy everyone thought was invincible – Superman.

Enter Doctor Doomsday

Doctor Doomsday Vs Iron Lantern

Doctor Doomsday is the lethal combo of the mind of Doctor Doom and the invincible body of Doomsday. Doctor Doomsday is the literal evil incarnate of his universe. He has a genius level intellect to outsmart anyone, knows a shit load about magic and the dark arts, and has a body that makes him nigh impenetrable and unkillable.

Iron Man

Iron Man needs no Introduction. He is the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist of the Marvel Comics Universe. Tony Stark is one of the most gifted minds on the planet. He has extensive knowledge on almost every mainstream technical field and has applied his know how to create several forms of fascinating technology, including but not limited to his popular Iron Man powered armor suits.

Green Lantern

Doctor Doomsday Vs Iron Lantern

Hal Jordan is an Air Force pilot with the willpower of a giant. He is also the Green Lantern of Earth and a protector of the Universe. As the Green Lantern, Hal has the Green Power Ring that is considered the most powerful weapon of the Universe. The Power Ring harnesses the willpower of the user to create almost anything you can imagine. From fighter hets to stars to recreating an entire city, Hal Jordan has done it all via sheer will alone.

Say Hello to the Iron Lantern

Doctor Doomsday Vs Iron Lantern

When Harold Stark met with an accident when an alien ship crash-landed on Earth, a shard of metal was lodged into his chest. He then uses the alien ship’s power source to create a suit of armor that not only saves his life but also gives him the incredible ability to create constructs of pure energy. As the Iron Lantern, Stark can harness his willpower to become a superhero. He also happens to have a tremendous level of intelligence.

The Fight – Doctor Doomsday vs Iron Lantern

Doctor Doomsday Vs Iron Lantern
Doctor Doomsday Vs Iron Lantern

Doc Doomsday and Iron Lantern are enemies in the Amalgam comics so they don’t really need a reason to trade fists here. The fight will begin with Iron lantern pulling the first punch and keeping hi distance. Doctor Doomsday will try to outsmart him and use his immense strength and durability to close the gap. But Iron Lantern, powered by an unlimited energy source, will keep attacking from a long range. And this is where the tables turn.

As we have said before, Doctor Doomsday is not just a brute. Stark has faced evil geniuses before but no one comes close to Doctor Doomsday’s caliber. The only guys who can even stand a chance to outgun von Doom’s brilliant mind are all superheroes, and Doomsday has defeated them all. Doomsday is a sworn enemy of the Challengers of the Fantastic, a team led by Amalgam’s version of Reed Richards (a guy smarter than Stark himself). If Doc Doomsday can level that guy to the ground, Stark will be no problem. Iron Lantern may have the most powerful suit of armor in existence, but Doc Doomsday has a mind and body that can literally adapt to anything and everything. Doctor Doomsday wins this one hands down!!!

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