5 Movies That Were Banned By Censor Board

Censorship is one of the tough tasks that every movie has to go in every country before it hits the theater. It is quite surprising that sometimes a release of a movie becomes a topic of discussion around the world. Here are 5 movies that had a tough time with the censor board.

1) The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

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Director Martin Scorsese’s epic of the life of Christ didn’t sit so well with the audiences. The drama portrays Jesus as having to contend with sinful temptations like lust, self-doubt, and fear. This movie is notably banned in Turkey, Singapore, The Philippines, Mexico, and Argentina. The depiction of Jesus and Mary Magdalene sexual relationship engaged Christian fundamentalists.

2) Avatar (2009)


It is quite hard to believe that worldwide blockbuster about humans trying to invade a faraway moon named Pandora could be banned. The movie deals with the indigenous population of Pandora revolting against the humans who want to steal its precious minerals.The Chinese government banned the movie after two weeks of its playing in the theaters.

3) The Human Centipede 2 (2011)

This sequel focuses on an obese asthmatic man who is obsessed with watching the first sequence of the Human Centipede. The film was initially refused classification in the UK and Australia, and it was temporarily banned there, but it remains banned in New Zealand.

4) Natural Born Killers (1994)


The story of two lovers who commit mass murders together, both of them were victims of childhood abuse and they grow up getting even with the world by going on a massive killing. The film was accused of inspiring copycat crimes at Columbine High School Massacre and Dawson College shooting in Montreal. And it was banned in Ireland.

5) Borat (2006)


Borat is a comedy film, directed by Larry Charles. A TV reporter, Borat travels extensively to the United States for the Kazakh Ministry of Information, and eventually, he plans to make a documentary on the ‘Greatest Country in the World’, the United States. It is banned in most Arab countries and had a limited release in Russia.

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