10 Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics – Ranked According to Lethality

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics:

The Marvel Comic Book Universe is filled with superheroes. With the right amount of radiation, supernatural accidents or the X-Gene, literally, anybody can become a superhuman. But to become an assassin takes more than just superpowers. It takes discipline and patience to achieve what these guys have managed to achieve in a world full of super-powered enforcers. These assassins of Marvel Comics are lean, mean fighting machines of the criminal underworld. If you are their target, no force in the world, not even a superhero for that matter, can save you. Yeah, they are that skilled!!

 10. Crossbones

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

Crossbones started out small. He was just a street-level gang enforcer. He then found himself joining Taskmaster’s School for Mercenaries. There he learned the art of killing. Using his innovative tactical awareness of his surroundings and his ability to learn extremely quickly, Crossbones became a mercenary to be feared within the Marvel Universe. Soon, Brock Rumlow’s adventures came to the notice of Hydra. Rumlow became the personal hit-man of the terrorist organization. Crossbones became a sensation after he turned out to be the guy who assassinated Captain America during the aftermath of the Civil War. The Red Skull trusts Crossbones so much that he used him as the leader of the Skeleton Crew, the team that was given the job of killing Arnim Zola and the Hell-Fire Club.

 9. Daken

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

Daken is the son of Wolverine. And like his dad, he too has adamantium claws and a superior healing factor. Daken was trained in the assassination by the Winter Soldier, one of the deadliest assassins on the planet. He is the true rotten apple of the Marvel Universe. From poisoning a woman and killing her boyfriend right before her eyes to killing his own father by almost ripping his intestines out, Daken is not to be trifled with. His associations with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Hell Fire Club, Dark X-Men, and the Dark Avengers prove that he has friends in high places. Daken is not only skilled but extremely well-connected. Fans may not like him as a villain but they love him in any comic book arc he appears in.

 8. Black Widow

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

The Black Widow was the result of Soviet Russia’s own attempts at recreating the Super Soldier Program. The Red Room Project led to the death of a lot of female candidates until only one survived. Natasha Romanoff was then genetically and biologically enhanced with an accelerated healing factor, a stronger immune system and slowed down aging. The Black Widow was trained in the deadliest of Martial arts by the same guy who taught Daken his martial arts skills – the Winter Soldier. The Black Widow is basically a walking bomb. She can turn her body into a living weapon and take out dozens of men in a room with minimal effort if need be.

 7. The Winter Soldier

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

Bucky Barnes was once the side-kick of Captain America in World War Two. After his ‘death’ during one of Cap’s Nazi Butt-Kicking adventures, Bucky was taken by Hydra. His severed arm was replaced with a bionic arm and he was brainwashed to do Hydra’s bidding. The Winter Soldier would become one of the deadliest forces of nature under Hydra’s payroll. Using cryogenics, the Winter Soldier would be frozen until his services were required. He was mostly kept for the most dangerous and deadliest of missions. Bucky would then return to the Light Side of the Force and even replace Steve Rogers as the new Captain America.

 6. Fantomex

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

Fantomex was created by the Weapon Plus Program to be a biological version of the mutant-hunting Sentinels. While still under super-vision, Fantomex broke free of his captors’ grasp. He later joined the X-Men and became a mutant superhero. Fantomex is actually not a mutant but a test tube baby genetically crafted to be host to a flurry of abilities. He can create illusions and has more than one brain in his body. When in battle, he can cast his entire nervous system out to form the sentient ship called EVA. Fantomex is basically a terminator with an attitude. He also feels no pain.

 5. Elektra

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

Elektra Natchios grew up in Greece to extremely abusive parents. She was mentored in the skill of the kill and the most lethal of fighting techniques as a way to help her get out of her hell hole of a life. The skills she gained turned her into an internationally acclaimed assassin. When the Kingpin hired Elektra to kill Daredevil, things started to go downhill for her. Elektra was dating Matt Murdock at the time and the revelation that she is a killer broke their relationship. Bullseye murdering Elektra did not stop her from coming back to the realm of the dead. She has been resurrected a lot of times and every time she has come back, she has had several successful and impossible assassinations to her name.

 4. Gamora

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

The Universal Church of the Truth is a secretive cult society that uses mercenaries to wipe out entire civilizations they deem unworthy. Gamora was part of an alien race called the Zen-Whoberis. Her people were judged to be unworthy by the Church, who then sent an army to kill everyone. Gamora was the last survivor of her kind to escape the massacre. She was then taken in by Thanos who trained her in the greatest martial arts skills he had to offer. Soon, she became the “Deadliest Woman of the Galaxy” after she mercilessly killed all the members of the Universal Church of Truth, one by one.

 3. Wolverine

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

The man known as Wolverine has had a long history of being a warrior. His adventures range from Medieval Japan to World War One to the Vietnam War. The Wolverine may not be a precision killer but he can get the job done. All he needs to do is unleash his berserker rage and hundreds of opponent soldiers drop like flies. The Wolverine has become a force for good as an X-Men but he has never truly let go of his violent urges. He will still kill people for a living if he needs to. With such a bloody past to boast about, can you really expect him to stop being himself?

 2. Bullseye

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

The Super Villain known as Bullseye has one specific skill that makes him one of the best assassins there ever was – his impeccable aim. Once Bullseye sets his eyes on a target, all it takes is one shot to kill him. Bullseye can use literally anything as a weapon. Starting from a paper plane, a pencil to a glass shard Bullseye can use everything as a weapon. He is also extremely good at close quarter combat. His skeleton is now laced with adamantium. That makes him twice as deadly.

 1. Deadpool

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

A guy that is truly un-killable is the one that is fit to be an assassin. Deadpool aka Wade Wilson was with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Military of United States where he served the Spec-Ops unit in several covert ops missions for his country. When he was diagnosed with cancer, Deadpool volunteered to be the lab rat in a genetic experiment that activated his latent mutant powers, giving him an enhanced healing factor that would put even Wolverine’s to shame. Using his awesome sword-fighting skills and his proficiency with fire-arms, Deadpool has become a fan-favorite assassin within the Marvel Comic Book Universe. His taste of unconventional approaches makes him completely unpredictable and his mental instability also plays a hand in making his enemies fear him, who can never anticipate what he might do next.

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

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