10 Major Movie Franchises that Joker Has Beaten at the Box Office

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten:

It has been more than a week since Joker claimed the top spot on the list of highest-grossing R-rated movies. Even the last weekend was big for Joker as it was still very strong at the domestic and international Box Office. The total gross of Joker currently stands at $934 Million, and there’s a major chance that it could get close to taking down the $1 Billion mark by the next 2-3 weeks. By the end of its run, it might beat The Dark Knight, Jumanji 2, The Jungle Book and a few other names, but as of now, it has beaten all of these major franchises:

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Blade Trilogy

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

This is Marvel’s only R-rated Superhero movie trilogy, and it sure does deserve the same respect that all other Marvel movies do. 2 of the 3 films managed to impress the fans and the critics alike. So, Joker having gone past the Blade threshold is a big achievement. Box Office – Blade ($131 Million), Blade 2 ($155 Million) and Blade: Trinity ($128 Million).

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6/10 Star Wars Films

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

Box Office – Solo: A Star Wars Story ($393 Million), Star Wars Ep. V: The Empire Strikes Back ($534 Million), Star Wars Ep. VI: Return of the Jedi ($572 Million), Star Wars Ep. II: Attack of the Clones ($656 Million), Star Wars Ep. IV: A New Hope ($786 Million) and Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith ($848 Million).

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The Whole X-Men Franchise

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

This was a major competitor in the Superhero Genre because of Deadpool, and Joker has taken every movie out with ease. Box Office: X-Men ($296.3 Million), X2 ($407.7 Million), X-Men: The Last Stand ($459.3 Million), X-Men Origins: Wolverine ($373.0 Million), X-Men: First Class ($353.6 Million), The Wolverine ($414.8 Million), X-Men: Days of Future Past ($747.8 Million), X-Men: Apocalypse ($543.9 Million), Deadpool ($783.1 Million), Logan ($616.8 Million) and Deadpool 2 ($785 Million).

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All Sony Spider-Man films except Far From Home

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

It was really important for WB that Joker rained over most of their superhero films. Getting a win over most Spider-Man films proves that Joker is a property that sells much better than Spider-Man. Except Spider-Man: Far From Home ($1.131 Billion), Joker has managed to beat Spider-Man 3 ($890 Million), Spider-Man Homecoming ($880 Million), Venom ($855 Million), Spider-Man ($821.7 Million), Spider-Man 2 ($783.6 Million), The Amazing Spider-Man ($757.9 Million), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($708.9 Million).

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All James Bond films except Skyfall

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

Box Office: Dr. No ($59 Million), From Russia With Love ($78 Million), Goldfinger ($124 Million), Thunderball ($141 Million), You Only Live Twice ($111 Million), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ($82 Million), Diamonds Are Forever ($116 Million), Live and Let Die ($161 Million), The Man with the Golden Gun ($97 Million), The Spy Who Loved Me ($185 Million), Moonraker ($210 Million), For Your Eyes Only ($195 Million), Octopussy ($187 Million), Never Say Never Again ($160 Million), A View to a Kill ($152 Million), The Living Daylights ($191 Million), Licence to Kill ($156 Million), Goldeneye ($356 Million), Tomorrow Never Dies ($339 Million), The World is Not Enough ($361 Million), Die Another Day ($431 Million), Casino Royale ($594 Million), Quantum of Solace ($591 Million) and Spectre ($880 Million).

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The Matrix Trilogy

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

This is surely one of the best R-rated movie trilogies of all time. Joker had managed to beat the trilogy is a big achievement in itself. All three Matrix movies earned a fair sum of money at the worldwide Box Office – The Matrix Revolutions ($427.3 million), The Matrix ($463.5 million), The Matrix Reloaded ($742.1 million).

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All These Fast And Furious Movies


Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

Box Office: Fast and Furious 6 ($788 Million), Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw ($758 Million), Fast Five ($626 Million), Fast & Furious ($363 Million), The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift ($158 Million), 2 Fast 2 Furious ($236 Million) and The Fast and The Furious ($207 Million). F7 and F8 obviously remain unbeaten having grossed over a Billion Dollars each.

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All these MCU Films

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

Box Office: The Incredible Hulk ($263.4 Million), Captain America: The First Avenger ($370.5 Million), Thor ($449.3 Million), Ant-Man ($519.3 Million), Iron Man ($585.1 Million), Ant-Man and the Wasp ($622 Million), Iron Man 2 ($623.9 Million), Thor: The Dark World ($644.5 Million), Doctor Strange ($677.7 Million), Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($714.2 Million), Guardians of the Galaxy ($773.3 Million), Thor: Ragnarok ($851 Million), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($863 Million) & Spider-Man: Homecoming ($880 Million).

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Almost the entire DCEU

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

Aquaman stands tall at $1.151 Billion as Joker cannot take it down. But it took down all other DCEU films. Box Office – Shazam! ($363 Million), Justice League ($656 Million), Man of Steel ($668 Million), Suicide Squad ($745 Million), Wonder Woman ($821 Million) & Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873 Million).

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Almost all Batman Movies

Movie Franchises Joker Has Beaten

As mentioned above, Joker might end up beating The Dark Knight ($1.004 Billion) but it cannot take down The Dark Knight Rises ($1.084 Billion). Still, Joker has proven to be a more profitable property than Batman could ever be. Here are all the Batman movies that Joker has managed to take down and completely surprise everyone – Batman ($411 Million), Batman Returns ($266 Million), Batman Forever ($336 Million), Batman and Robin ($238 Million), Batman Begins ($374 Million), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873 Million), The Lego Batman Movie ($311 Million) & Justice League ($658 Million)

Let’s just hope that Joker will become a beacon for more studios trying out more R-Rated stories in the Superhero genre!

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