The Opening Weekend Box Office of Uncharted Are Surprisingly Good

Spider-Man: No Way Home managed to be the most successful movie to have come out last year. The movie is still on box office charts worldwide but Tom Holland’s success isn’t stopping with that yet. It’s almost as if the Spider-Man star is going to stick to theaters worldwide for a long period this time around. The actor has now managed to join another franchise with Uncharted. There was a lot of excitement about this project as it was a live-action adaptation of the popular game of the same name. The opening weekend box office of Uncharted has seemingly overperformed. Despite the mixed reviews, the movie has lived up to the hype that came with its title.


The movie has been under development for quite a long time and several names have been attached to the project for a while now. Things finally started to be in the movie when Tom Holland was roped in for the lead role of Nathan Drake. Added to that were names like Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali and Antonia Banderas. Zombieland and Venom director helmed the project and there was much wonder how it would perform. There was concern around the project as the games had a strong fan following but the trailer convinced everyone that it would stick with the action-adventure genre. Now it seems that Tom Holland might have single-handedly saved cinema following the pandemic.


Box Office of Uncharted

It seems that Uncharted has managed to do far more business than it was expected to do. The movie opened last week and managed to earn a sum of $51 million over the 4-day weekend, with an estimated sum of $44.2 million for the first three days at the domestic box office. At the same time, the movie has managed to earn $139 million worldwide. But the global numbers will see massive improvement once the movie is released in China. It will be released in China on March 14. This is surprising considering the movie hasn’t been able to acquire a very good critical response.


According to Sony Motion Picture Group president Josh Greenstein:

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are brilliant together. Thank you to our sister company, PlayStation, for their incredible partnership, and all the many people who worked so hard to bring this film to life in a big, theatrical way.


Other Entries In The Box Office Charts

Even though the game adaptation was expected to open in the first place, the margin of victory is too larger than it was expected to be. In second place is the Channing Tatum directorial debut Dog. The movie based on 2017’s HBO documentary War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend, has only managed to earn a total of $15.1 million during the weekend and is expected to earn even lesser with the weekdays. But the movie actually managed to garner a good critical response with a 76% score on Rotten Tomatoes.


Tom Holland’s December release Spider-Man: No Way Home is third on the list with a total of $7.7 million during the weekend. The movie has so far managed to earn a total of $771.7 million. Sony managed to surpass 2009’s Avatar with these numbers and the project has become the third-highest-grossing film of all time at the domestic box office. That’s not all as the movie has also ensured a sum of $1.83 billion worldwide. This marks the 10th weekend for the movie and it hasn’t stopped proving to be a success yet.


Uncharted sees Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake being recruited by Mark Wahlberg’s Victor “Sully” Sullivan. Together they head to recover a fortune that was amassed by Ferdinand Magellan and lost 500 years ago. During their adventure, they come across the ruthless Santiago Moncada played by Antonio Banderas who believes that the treasure is rightfully his and his alone. The movie will surely continue to rule during the holiday season for the next few weeks. Uncharted is now playing in theaters near you.

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