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The Strongest Version Of Hulk Is Still Weak Against This Surprising Marvel Hero

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made it clear that Hulk is the strongest Avenger, or they did until the end of Ragnarok. Since then, Thor has taken over the center stage with his incredible power-up in Infinity War. However, until the God of Thunder gets back into shape, Hulk is here to protect us, even if only one of his hands is functional. With She-Hulk coming out the fans have been speculating that Professor Hulk might be replaced by Maestro. Maestro is the strongest version of the Hulk who is also evil and has been terrorizing the Marvel comicverse recently. But even this strongest version of Hulk is still weak against a classic hero.

Let me give you a little context. Maestro is a version of the Hulk who is highly intelligent as much like Professor hulk he also possesses the intellect of Banner. This Hulk has lived for a hundred years in captivity of A.I.M. and MODOK who have tried to find ways to use The Hulk’s immunity to radiation to help them deal with the nuclear fallout. Once Hulk escaped from there he decided to rebuild the world himself and this is when he comes face to face with Maestro, which is a title used by Hercules to rule over humans. This version of Hulk chooses to battle Hercules and loses a number of times, until with the help of Rick Jones he is finally able to slay the God. The Hulk ends up absorbing excess radiation, gaining excessive strength in the process, and takes the name Maestro.


Strongest Version Of Hulk

Maestro is no longer a hero. He hates the humans for causing the apocalypse and despises the few that remain. His focus now is on dominating them and uniting them under one leadership, his. Maestro is basically a post-apocalyptic villain from an alternate future reality and he has terrorized the Marvel comic multiverse often. He even made an appearance in the Avengers game. Marvel has come out with a new story featuring the villain and he makes an appearance in Maestro: World War M #1 by Peter David, German Peralta, Jesus Aburtov, Pasqual Ferry, Matt Hollingsworth, and Ariana Maher.


Maestro has already exacted his revenge against A.I.M. in this storyline. He has just leveled their main facility when he encounters Namor the sub-mariner. The king of Atlantis has no intention to lose to the tyrant so he enlists the help of The Human Torch. But this is not the same Human Torch we know from The Fantastic Four. This is not Johnny Storm. It is actually Jim Hammon from Marvel Comics #1 by Carl Burgos which first came out in 1939. This version of the hero is an android who has the power to turn into a pure flame.


Jim shows up in front of Maestro and introduced himself as The Human Torch. Maestro mistakes him for Johnny Storm and makes the mistake of underestimating his opponent. Jim corrects this misunderstanding by unleashing a devastating flame attack which takes Maestro by surprise. Maestro has been drunk for a long time, but The Human Torch shaves off some of this ego. The rest of it is shattered when he uses his Nova Flame attack which hurls Maestro to the other side of the city.


The Consequences

It is because of this attack and his onslaught that Maestro falls behind and the heroes are able to make their escape. But things have not settled down yet. As Namor and his team escape towards the ocean, Maestro is seen looking on from a pile of rubble he was thrown into. He is observing The Human Torch. Maestro is looking for a weakness in this new enemy of his and when he finds it he will use it to crush the spirits of the heroes.


Maestro’s tyranny has gone too far in this post-apocalyptic future reality. We might not get to see a happy ending here for the good guys. This storyline strives on the brutalities of the Hulk so I won’t hold my breath for The Human Torch to last very long. But this might be a cool plot point to use in the future in the MCU. Let us know what you think down in the comments.

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