A Fan Theory Suggests That Thanos Saw The Future But Didn’t Like It

April 27, 2018, was a day that will be remembered in history. Not as a marker for something significant for the human civilization but as the day that humans created the most ambitious project in the current history of the visual arts. Superhero movies are a genre that has only recently developed in the field of filmmaking and even though the genre is in its infancy, it is already giving birth to new ideas and fresh perspectives. April 27th marks one such day when Avengers Infinity War was finally released in theatres and even though it lacked a little lustre when we looked at the story, the film made it all up to the fans if you assess how it handled everything.

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The movie was tasked with an insurmountable objective. Fit 40 solo heroes in one movie and one story that acts as the pay-off for a decade of moviemaking and franchise building. In fact, they made sure that the user vis-a-vis the viewer at no point, is overwhelmed with information, no matter what the case.

The film handles this beautifully; the Russo brothers have indeed given the movie industry what has been demanding for, for a long time. We see the Avengers come together along with Guardians of the Galaxy and all the other ancillary characters to formulate this culmination of over a decade of movie making. We ended a lot of subplots and so many character arcs met their end in the movie, the sheer scale of this project is astounding and it should be appreciated as such.

But the movie left us with more questions than it cared to answer. And it’s just as well considering the fact that Infinity War was only the beginning, the true beginning of the end. As the movie called its cast for a curtain call, we were left with a deep sense of loss, not because we had already lost half of all our heroes whom we’ve invested a decade in (Although most deaths are nothing but a farce at this point) but also because we associated and related more to the villain of this movie than the actual protagonists.

I mean, no man can honestly tell me that population is not a problem, that we are not actually headed for the biggest food shortage in history considering the advancement of medical sciences and the rate at which our population is booming. It’s all very surreal when put in terms of reality but we at QuiryByte believe in tingling the creative that resides within each and every fan. And so we are about to present a very different take on the events of Infinity War and this theory will involve both Thanos and the time stone.

One of the most prominent scenes in the entire movie is when Doctor Strange uses the time stone to assess the battle scenarios of the Avengers and the Guardians against the rampage of the Mad Titan, Thanos. We see that the doctor looks through 14,000,605 possible futures and declares that the Avengers emerge victorious only in one.

The entire premise is so Earth-shattering that it cannot be grasped by the likes of us, the mere intellect of a mortal is not suited to grasp the reality of the situation here and yet Tony Stark decides to follow Doctor strange in his plan and trusts him even when the sorcerer supreme practically gives out the time stone to the enemy.

But this theory is not about the Doctor’s endgame, it has more to do with the motivations of Thanos and the brief moment of clarity he must have experienced in the time that it took him to travel between Titan and Wakanda for the final battle. You see Thanos had already acquired the time stone at this point and it was within his power to assess every possible future, he could’ve seen everything that has happened and could happen and he could choose the fate that he wants to put the universe through.


I think this is exactly what he did. The time stone is no trinket, it is no ordinary singularity, it controls the concept of time as we humans experience it and when wielded by the most powerful and mighty being in the entire Galaxy, it manifests itself in its true form. The time stone makes Thanos the overlord of every continuity that ever was or will be. This allows the Titan to scrutinize every aspect of his actions from start to end without moving a muscle (much like what Dr. Strange did) and the prevailing theory is that Thanos did look at the future before heading for the final battle. But when thanks viewed the future he saw something even darker and more malicious than him and that was the reason that he chose to end half of creation. Because whatever it is that Thanos is afraid of, it’s very likely that this beast is Marvel’s next big bad after the Infinity War saga comes to a close. Let’s hope and watch out for an even better fight in the future.

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