Zack Snyder Reveals the Identity of the Dead Robin in Batman V Superman

Zack Snyder, the Father of the DCEU, or now as you may call it the Worlds of DC is the one who really gave a frame to the shared Universe of DC comics as he directed Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice & Justice League, bringing up the story of six Superheroes in total. Out of the three, there is a fan base that has been divided into two for all three of the movies. There are people who either hate or love all three of those movies individually.

No matter who you are (either a hater or a lover of the Znyder-verse) there would always be questions about the movies in your mind if you would have seen all three of these movies of the Worlds of DC. Zack Snyder had some deep and intricate plotting, which set up the story for the future movies, and the biggest example of that was the Knightmare sequence we saw in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many fans actually did not understand what the whole significance of that scene was, and the scene where we saw the Flash coming back from the future was an even bigger mystery for us.

Zack Snyder Batman V Superman Identity of the Dead Robin

It hinted a mixed plot of Injustice and Justice League: War that Snyder had intended for Justice League 2. Seeing the big Omega sign on the ground, we always knew that Darkseid was coming to Earth somewhere down the line. Coming of Steppenwolf was to establish the welcome of Darkseid itself. But now, Snyder would not return, and we may never get another Justice League movie ever because the name is tainted!

Other than the Knightmare sequence the one big question that still sticks to everyone’s mind is that “Who was the dead robin that Snyder displayed in Batman V Superman?” As we all know that Bruce Wayne had a Robin Suit sealed in a case within his Batcave, and the suit had the words “Ha Ha Ha! Joke’s on you, Batman” spray-painted across the chest. This was obviously the Easter Egg that pointed towards a Robin who had died at the hands of Joker.

While everyone thought that this Robin was none other than Jason Todd and Snyder was setting up the whole Red-hood storyline for the future of Batman in the Worlds of DC, but as it turned out, when fans asked Snyder on the Vero app earlier, he pointed out the fact that the Robin wasn’t Jason as he commented,

“What makes you think it’s Jason Todd?”

So after that, people started to think that it may actually be Tim Drake, who knows. Well, now, some new information has come into the light stating the identity of the dead robin of the WOD. In a recent post on the Vero app, a fan posted a deleted scene of Suicide Squad involving Batman, as there was the scene right after Batman saved Harley Quinn, and he said,  

“Joker took something important from me, now I’m gonna take something from him.”

So the fan who posted the scene asked whether Batman was talking about Jason Todd here.

Zack Snyder replied something which has completely blown our minds. He commented “Richard”. Richard John Grayson as we all know is none other than Dick Grayson aka Nightwing.

While it has us all blown that according to Snyder, Dick Grayson is dead in this continuity, many of us are confused as Director Chris McKay has been hired by Warner Bros. to direct a Nightwing movie and he is hard at developing the movie right now.

So, if Nightwing is already dead, then how is the director approaching the film? Is the movie in the same continuity of the Worlds of DC, or it is being set up as a stand-alone movie in different continuity like the upcoming Joker origins movie? If the movie is indeed in the same continuity, so is it a prequel story like the upcoming The Batman franchise that Matt Reeves is building?

Honestly, killing off such a beloved character before even showing him does not fare well with us all, no matter how shocking it is. If the upcoming Nightwing movie is indeed a prequel to BVS, then it would be hard for the audiences to connect with the character as they all would know that Nightwing will obviously die at the hands of Leto’s Joker.

So, it seems that the WOD will have to negate from Snyder upon this one and set up the dead Robin as no one but Jason Todd itself. It has not been confirmed officially, so WB could easily play out this card.    

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