Avengers: Endgame – Alternate End Credits Farewell To Robert Downey Jr. Revealed

End Credits Farewell To Robert Downey Jr. –

Avengers: Endgame was surely the biggest film for Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man as compared to the other MCU characters. Tony Stark got the biggest exit from a franchise. An actor could only dream of such a massive farewell for their character. It is almost like the world hasn’t been okay ever since Tony Stark died on screen. The final “I am Iron Man” moment was one of the greatest scenes in the cinematic history. It took the audience from being frightened to ecstatic to being emotional about the loss of a legend. It was so many feelings hitting us all at once.

Endgame – Alternate End Credits Farewell To Robert Downey Jr.

Even after the battle ends, we get to hear & see Tony Stark say his final goodbye. It was such a moving moment once again. The ending surely was entirely about Iron Man (with Captain America getting a little peaceful retirement as well). Right after the final shot of the film, we get to the credits of the film which end with Iron Man being the final face of the MCU’s biggest event.

But apparently, there were some alternate final credits shots as well. Marvel designed 4 other credits shots paying a tribute to Tony Stark. You’ve already seen two of them above, now here are the other two:

The designs have been revealed by design firm Exception Perception, who helped in creating these final designs. On their website, they revealed –

“the title sequence had three distinct sections, the Crew, the Cast, and the ‘Hero 6’. It was important to everyone involved that each section should feel unique but part of a greater whole. They decided to use film footage in a progressive way, beginning with abstract light rays and becoming more distinct as the sequence goes on.”

We’d surely like to see the alternate designs for other characters as well.

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