Why Nick Fury Won’t Really Like The New MCU Phase 5 Heroes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is bringing together a lot of interesting superheroes to the franchise. We are soon going to witness a range of characters that include some of the most essential teams in Marvel history. There is already a roster of characters in the franchise and it would get a lot more complicated this way. Each new character introduction has often led to some major transition in the way things work in the franchise. Fans might remember when Nick Fury had issues with most of the original Avengers and even Tony Stark. The new MCU phase 5 heroes are set to be introduced and it will be exciting to see how they deal with Nick Fury.

Nick Fury

The character of Nick Fury is one of the most essential in the MCU. He was responsible for putting together the team of heroes who managed to go and save the world. It was he who managed to motivate the heroes to work together while keeping their egos aside. Ever since his appearance in the post-credits scene of Iron Man, he has managed to go through multiple retirements. We even got to witness how difficult it was for him to deal with the character of Tony Stark himself. This is nothing considering the massive number of heroes who will start appearing all across the world with the upcoming MCU projects.


Fury will next be seen appearing in the Disney+ project Secret Invasion. This will see him getting into proper action after a long time as the narrative will be inspired by the comic book Saga of the Skrull infiltration on Earth. The series will explore this narrative as Fury teams up with Talos in order to identify the Skrull conspiracy. We might even get to see his reaction to the world having a new set of heroes as we have seen quite an interesting set of characters make their debut ever since his disappearance. Newer threats will lead to a new set of superheroes and Fury will have to manage through that.


Nick Fury & MCU Heroes

Fury decided to put together the Avengers Initiative because he had a fear of super-powered alien beings who posed a threat to Earth. This was also responsible for him going through making weapons out of the Tesseract. The government always had some issue with the way the world dealt with the superheroes and this was quite obvious with the Sokoiva Accords. Since half of the heroes across the world won’t have had the chance to sign up with those accords, the government would be forced to deal with them. We will soon get to see a non-government organization for the mutants make an appearance under the orders of a telepath.


New MCU phase 5 heroes

Even though the heroes never really worked alongside the SHIELD or the government, the latter’s actually depended on the heroes. Even though the rise of threats also paved the way for many interruptions in the way of the heroes, they always gathered to make sure the world was safe. It was in the worst of times when the heroes gathered around to make sure that the enemy was not able to make it any worse. But the interruptions were always problematic and it will only get a bit more troublesome if The Fantastic Four and X-Men are introduced into the franchise.


Both of these sets of heroes have a much more family operation instead of being teams or organizations. This would not make it easy for the government to go ahead and order them to work in a specific manner. While we did get to see a lot of chapters in the MCU end with the Infinity Sage, there is a lot yet to be offered from the franchise in terms of characters and their narratives. As Phase 5 continues we will get a chance to see a lot of other characters make their appearance and how the world reacts to their appearance.


MCU fans are excited to see new MCU phase 5 heroes, How are excited are you to watch them? let us know about it down below in the comments.

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