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Tony Stark is Not as Smart as Reed Richards and Here’s The Proof!

The MCU managed to prove the importance of the character of Tony Stark in Marvel. While he wasn’t amongst the most popular characters in the comics, the movies surely saw a rise in his popularity. This has to be associated with the fact that the character is a genius while having certain elements that are actually rather messed up about his personality. Even though the MCU and the arcs from the comics indicate that he is the smartest character, there might be certain other characters who might topple his position. Tony Stark is not as smart. I mean Mr. Fantastic is so much smarter than him as he managed to prove this by inventing the means to look into the future.

Tony Stark

We have witnessed the absolute genius of Tony Stark in the MCU movies quite a lot of times. The best example has to be the time when Stark managed to solve the means to travel back in time in Avengers: Endgame. This has been something that was also seen in the Marvel comics where he stays updated with the latest in tech to adapt his suit and other weapons accordingly. It is often compared with something that Batman does, as they both manage to stay one step ahead of their enemy with a trick up their sleeve. But he isn’t the only genius in the Marvel universe.


Reed Richard a.k.a. Mr. Fantastic

Tony Stark is not as smart

It is not surprising that Reed Richards was able to make it to the Illuminati, the group of some of the brilliant heroes in Marvel. Even though he has the power not much unlike Plastic Man, the character has a certain depth when it comes to his brain. Mr. Fantastic has the ability to stretch his body to his will and manipulate his body to take any shape he prefers. But this is not his strongest feature yet as the character has made some of the most essential inventions in the Marvel universe. He has created devices like the Forever Gate and the Ultimate Nullifier. But that’s not all to prove he is smarter than Tony Stark.


The Brilliance Of Reed Richards

Even though he will be associated with his power of elasticity, true fans are well aware that his most powerful feature is his mind. This was proved once again when he managed to show that he could have defeated Galactus entirely on his own without anyone’s help. This is something that is considered absolutely impossible for his character in the arc of the character in the comics. The intelligence of the character goes beyond the present as he ends up perfecting a new branch of science that deals with predicting the future – Psychohistory. He develops this branch inspired by a concept that was created by Isaac Asimov decades ago.


Tony Stark is not as smart

In Fantastic Four #542, we see Mister Fantastic taking Mad Thinker to a secret room in Baxter Building where the walls are covered with equations. Reed explains that he has been working on a formula to map out human history based on something he read in the Foundation books from Isaac Asimov. According to him, all these theories indicate that they are heading to the downfall of society. He states that the only possible way to avoid this fate was by going through with the Superhuman Registration Act. The Mad Thinker goes through the equations and is absolutely surprised by the amount of sacrifice that Richards had to make in order to go through with this plan.


This clearly gives us an idea of how things might figure in the MCU once Mr. Fantastic makes his debut. The brilliance of the character allowed Reed Richards to see the coming of the Civil War. Realizing this event was going to be inevitable he went through with the SHRA in order to prevent a worse fate in the future of the universe. This is cold behavior is something that is quite common between Reed Richards and Tony Stark. Hence, we might see the true replacement for Stark in the MCU with the appearance of Mr. Fantastic.

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