The Opening Box Office Numbers of Shang-Chi Are Record Breaking

The Opening Box Office Numbers of Shang-Chi Are Record-Breaking. Shang-Chin and the Legend of The Ten Rings has turned out to be an absolute hit for Marvel. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has added another marvelous origin story to their roster. The Labor Day weekend numbers are in and the move is set to make over $140 million worldwide with the projections of labor day included. $56.2 million internationally, and a new Labor Day record of $83.5 million for the four days in the domestic market ($71.4 million for the three-day weekend including Thursday night opening). By including Monday’s projection the total comes to $139.7 million. If we remove the projections then the three-day weekend stands at $127.6 million globally for now.

Now these are no Black Panther ($202 million domestic opening), or Captain Marvel ($153 million domestic opening), or even Spider-Man: Homecoming ($117 million domestic opening) numbers. But Shang-Chi has performed this well in the pandemic era. So, that’s great. The estimates were just between 35-$55 million. So Shang-Chi has clearly blown past them.

As far as international numbers are concerned, it has made the most money in the UK ($7.7 million), then there is Korea with $6.5 million. Next up is France ($4.3 million), then Russia ($3.2 million), and Japan ($2.8 million). Even In IMAXShang-Chi made a record-breaking $13.2M worldwide. In the International market, the gross collection was $5.2 million from 391 screens in 66 countries. Shang-Chi shattered records in six of those countries and landed on the second spot in 7 others

Comparison With Others

This film is proving to be an absolute win for Marvel as it was made for a production budget of $150 million. That’s substantially low than the budgets Black Panther and Spider-Man: Homecoming got. Since the film has a great audience score, there’s no streaming release and the word of mouth is good, we expect it to perform well in the coming weeks as well.


Marvel made 53% more The Suicide Squad and 29% less than Black Widow with Shang-Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings. This makes it one of the more successful films to come out in the pandemic. Considering that The Suicide Squad has been our for much longer but made much less money. It also helps that Shang-Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings has received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. This truly makes the film stand apart from other releases of the year.


The Origins of Money

Shang Chi Movie Download In Tamil Isaimini

Despite its magnificent performance the movie still trails behind Free Guy which still holds the top spot for the highest-grossing movie of the week. Maybe things will change by next weekend. Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings had made more money in its opening weekend than Captain America: The First Avenger ($65 million) and Ant-Man ($57 million). It is also predicted that the movie will have a higher multiplier than both of these movies. A multiplier is the total box office revenue of a movie divided by its opening weekend. Deadline predicts that the multiplier would be around 3.5. So if we use that then the projection of total domestic revenue for Shang-Chi comes to $292.25 million, which is way higher than the $182 million of Black Widow.


This indicates Shang-Chi will most probably end up being the most profitable project Marvel undertook this year. It is a very good sign for this franchise and also shows how powerful representation in movies could be. Marvel used the tools at their disposal to create a beautiful world and the audience have responded to it. These numbers are even more astounding when you consider the fact that the movie has not been released in China even when it has a lot of elements of Chinese mythology. Whatever cultural differences there may be, this indicates that Marvel still has a whole new market to explore. Even without home-ground advantage, the movie has raked in cash from all over the globe. And just imagine if Shang-Chi were to get a Chinese release. Marvel will be in for some great headlines for sure!


The fate of the Eternals

This is a very good sign for Marvel Studios as it signifies that the audience cannot be turned away from sad viewing in the theatres even with the pandemic still at large. Comic fans have always been enthusiastic, but the ode to Shang-Chi is something that warms our hearts. We only wish that the trend continues and Shang-Chi becomes one of the more successful Marvel movies. The reason for this wish is two-pronged. Firstly, financial success would mean further expansion to the sub-franchise. Maybe we will even get to see the origin of ten rings of power play out in the MCU.


Secondly, it will enable Marvel to stick to its current release schedule. Before the worldwide release of Shang-Chi, Marvel confirmed that they would determine whether to delay Eternals’ release or not depending on the financial performance of Shang-Chi. Seeing as the release has garnered a lot of attention and is considered an overall success, it means that Eternals will definitely not be delayed. This is good news for Marvel fans eagerly awaiting the next release. What do you think of this excellent performance by the movie? Do you think the movie will make more money in the future or would the multiple settle below 3.5? Let us know your opinion in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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