New Details About a Shuri and Okoye Scene In Black Panther 2 Revealed

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever seems to be amping up as the production team is working day and night to keep things on schedule as much as possible. New information keeps coming to us about the movie’s production. Now we have some new set photos thanks to The Direct and we intend to analyze them to the fullest. The set photos and report of The Direct reveal details about a Shuri and Okoye Scene from the movie. Everything from the location of the shoot to the details of the chase scene is loaded with easter eggs that we will slowly unravel. Keep reading to find out how this will play out in the movie.

The first image we have is of a person on a bike chasing a grey van. It is still unclear whether the grey van is a production guiding vehicle or another vehicle used in the chase scene. It is possible that is neither and just houses the camera crew but we cannot know for sure. The bike was seen chasing the Van and it was Shuri on the bike, or rather it was Letitia Wright’s stunt double. She is said to be wearing a purple jumpsuit and riding the bike to chase down the Van.

Shuri and Okoye Scene

We do not know what the Van has or who is driving it in the story or if it is even important. But we do know that the stunt took a turn for the worse when Letitia Wright got injured on set while it’s filming. She was rushed to the hospital and was discharged shortly afterward when the doctors gave her the all-clear but then the actor gave us a scare nonetheless.


The Stunt

The Vehicles were seen chasing each other around the MIT campus. The convoy included the aforementioned dirt bike and a grey Van, it also included a fancy red muscle car that seems to be driven by one of the Dora Miljae. On closer inspection, it is revealed that the person in the vehicle was actually Danai Gurira’s stunt double. This means that apart from Shuri, Okoye is also a part of the chase sequence. She may be the one assisting Shuri in her quest to chase down the Van, again we cannot say and this is all speculation.


Shuri and Okoye Scene

All we can say for sure is that the action sequence seems quite intense and it seems like a pivotal point in the movie. The venue of the shoot was the MIT campus which further hints at the specifics of the scene. We believe that the scene involves Riri Williams to a certain degree. Previously leaked information has pointed out how Dominique Thorne has been seen on the set of Wakanda Forever. The actor is said to be playing Riri Williams in the MCU and fans may be interested to know that Riri goes to MIT in the comics.


Wakanda Forever

If we do the maths it becomes apparent that the characters of Wakanda are here to see Riri at this point in the movie and they might be followed by some villains. It is also possible that there is a piece of technology that the villains want that is housed at the college. The villain of the movie is confirmed to be Namor the sub-mariner but we have a theory that may shed some light on who is in the grey van. We think that like Black Panther the second part will also have multiple villains.


Klaw and Erik Killmonger joined forces in the first movie and we expect that there will be a smaller villain in Wakanda Forever too who will act as a secondary lead-up antagonist to Namor. We cannot know whether this theory will come true but we can promise you if there is a villain in that van it is not Namor. Namor is quite “overt” with all of his tactics to tell you the truth. He is infamous for his egoistical approach to things and that is his signature move. To sweep in and be narcissistic, it is more likely that the people who are part of this chase are some low-level thugs for Shuri and Ironheart to beat up.


What do you think about the pictures, do you think our conclusions are correct or do they sound absurd? Do you believe we will have another villain in the movie other than Namor? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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