Tony Stark Explains How Kang Is STRONGER Than Thanos

Iron Man is one of the most technologically advanced superheroes in the comics. And his fear of Kang’s abilities might have settled the debate once and for all. Who’s the strongest villain of the Avengers? It’s Kang and not Thanos! Keep up with the post to find out how Tony helped us find out why Kang is stronger than Thanos.

The debate of who is the stronger nemesis of the Avengers, Thanos or Kang, has been one of the ages. It has been going on since the ’90s. And the introduction of Thanos in the MCU just furthered the debate. Now that Marvel is building up to Kang, more and more Marvel fanatics are joining this debate. But we believe that this debate is irrelevant. And it has been for the last 12 years. And we can prove this by one of Tony Stark’s dialogues in a 2010 comic issue.



The comic in question is 2010’s New Avengers #3, by Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. The comic issue features Tony Stark, and Hank Pym, interviewing potential Avengers recruits when he explains how he genuinely fears Kang. Both Thanos and Kang are formidable villains but Tony isn’t easily scared. And if Kang can scare him, you can imagine just how strong Kang is as compared to the Mad Titan.


The dialogue that reveals Kang’s abilities goes as –

…we may wake up one day and all of existence will have been altered beyond recognition… or worse… beyond anything that a sane human being could actually live in. Think about that. And if you’re asking yourself why the Avengers don’t do something about it, we do. Every time. But the fact of the matter is that he has in his hands technology that I cannot fight. I’m the man who has the best technology on the planet. So if I can’t beat him at his own game, then no one can.

To which Pym replies – 

Who knows how his actions have affected the world! The fact is, we’ll never know. And that truly scares me.



When we compare Thanos and Kang based on their physical strength, of course, Thanos will be stronger. But this competition goes beyond their physical capabilities. We know that Thanos is at his strongest when he possesses the Infinity Gems. And without those, he is just like any other being who possesses superstrength. With the stones, however, he goes through Avengers like they are nothing. Over the years, the Avengers have tried to hide the gems multiple times but Thanos, being cursed with knowledge, has always come up with another power source to back him up.


But, in the case of Thanos, his powers are temporary. If one can separate him from his gauntlet, defeating him is not an impossible task. Kang, on the other hand, possesses a power that is beyond anyone’s control. He can, quite literally, travel back in time and change anything in the past. His technology gives him immense power over the very thread of reality. While Thanos can use the Reality Gem to later reality, Kang can play with it whenever he likes. And the worst part is, nobody can do anything about it. And this scares even the brightest of the minds in the comics, namely Stark and Pym.


But he is not completely out of reach. In Moon Knight Vol. 8 Annual #1, Kang does exactly what Iron Man fears but still loses. This was because Moon Knight was still attached to the original reality. So, he remember what the real reality was before Kang went back in time and changed it. The Moon God, Khonshu, who presides over Marc Spector’s body enabled him to retain his memories. Thanos may be strong, and stronger with the Infinity Gems in his hand, but Kang’s ability to alter the reality without being seen emerges victorious over Thanos’ abilities.


Who knows, maybe Moon Knight will be the one to detect Kang when he alters the reality in the MCU. And this altered reality could even feature some fallen superheroes or those superheroes that haven’t been featured in the MCU yet.

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