Here’s How X-Men Can Be Brought Into Avengers 4 If Marvel Gets The Rights  

I think I speak for everyone here when I say that 20th Century Fox has utterly destroyed the X-Men franchise with a truly mediocre range of movies. Fox Studios surely started the hype for the Superhero genre but they have been trying hard to keep up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe and have repeatedly failed with miserable results. Fans have voiced an outcry as to why Fox isn’t selling the Mutant franchise to the Marvel Studios and help expand the MCU for the better. The people at Disney are better suited to handle this. Fox Studios needs to reconsider priorities.

It is still a distant wet dream for Marvel lover to see the X-Men and the Avengers fighting side by side against the bad guys and saving the day. Something we all have thought to be impossible for a decade and a half. But what if we told you that is no longer the case? What if we said that Wolverine and Deadpool will fight beside Tony Stark and The Hulk? Damn it think about the witty one-liners and the humor and the CGI. I think I jazzed a bit there.

Avengers Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War involves the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes going toe to toe against Thanos and his forces who are here on Earth in search of the Infinity Stones to bend the will of the Universe to the whims of The Mad Titan. No one knows what happens next. I mean sure Thanos is defeated and the heroes save the day but what about Avengers 4? No one exactly knows the story and no one is ready to divulge any secrets. We can help you here.

With talks between Disney and 20th Century Fox having been resumed, there is a strong possibility we will see the X-Men alongside the Avengers in the Avengers 4 movie

Disney has attempted several times to acquire the troubled X-Men franchise from Fox Studios. Up until now, Fox has denied giving back the rights to the X-Men. They are not foolish enough like Marvel was who did the same thing in 2000.

Fox is holding on to the franchise thinking that it might be able to milk more out of the mutants. Recent talks between the studios abruptly stopped and there was no way for the exchange to happen. But now news is surfacing that Disney is re-engaging Fox Studios for a new contract to bring back the X-Men.

Enigmatic tweets from Marvel sets have resurfaced that point to the only conclusion to be drawn out of them. Avengers 4 was supposed to be named as Avengers: Infinity War part 2. But with the name being changed back to Avengers 4 the movie has been relegated back to some kind of a blank slate.

Will Avengers 4 be the continuation of the Infinity War saga or will the story be different enough to warrant a different title? The name change coincides with Disney-Fox renegotiations for the X-Men franchise. The signs are too hard to ignore.

Maybe it is not all the good news we can muster up for you. It is not the X-Men Disney is trying to bring back. Rumors abound of even the Fantastic Four being brought back to the Home Team.

The Fantastic Four is one of the most popular and fan favorite superhero teams in the Marvel Comic Books. Their portrayal from Fox Studios was nothing short of abysmal and an utter abomination. Their cinematic adventures led to their decrease in popularity and Marvel stopping publishing Marvel’s First Family altogether.


While a sudden appearance by the Fantastic Four can be explained in the MCU, the X-Men are a different story. The FF has a pretty straightforward story but the –Men has a history too lengthy and large to avoid. They have ever changing core members and side characters along with their own set of villains in their mythos. How Marvel will introduce them back into the MCU is food for thought.


Maybe the Marvel studios will take the Spiderman route. Like they completely rebooted Spiderman and introduced newer characters, the X-Men will also be made to take a cinematic facelift. Whatever the case may be, if an Avengers vs. the X-Men movie ever happens, it will be a cataclysmic event in comic book history.

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