10 Unexpected Characters That Could Appear In Eternals

Eternals is currently the most anticipated project of MCU. Captain Marvel and Captain America: The First Avenger showed is how S.H.I.E.L.D.  and Avengers initiative started. Now Eternals will reveal the secrets of the entire Marvel universe. We will get to see the introduction of some new characters. But also we might get to see some familiar faces appearing in the film. So, let’s have a look at a few unexpected characters that could appear in Eternals.

1. The Dead Celestial

We all remember that floating Celestial head in space from Guardians of the Galaxy. It serves as an outpost called Knowhere. It is the MCU’s version of the Gods. They have a strong connection to the Eternals. So maybe we would get to see which being this head belongs to and how he lost it in the first place.

2. Ego

Peter Quill’s father Ego can take any form. It is an entire living planet he can control by himself. He can also create lifelike Mantis and that can link to the birth of the Eternals. It is unknown how he will fit into this story. On the basis of what he says about his life, it doesn’t quite match up with the story of Eternals.

3. Eson The Searcher

Characters That Could Appear In Eternals

A Celestial that has been seen in the MCU is Eson The Searcher. He is a massive, powerful, and ruthless Celestial. He was recently seen in Guardians of the Galaxy when The Collector demonstrated the Infinity Stones. Eson used the Power Stone for wiping out innocent people. He might be a central character in Eternals. Theories say that Infinity Stones will be featured in the film and so, we might get to see what led to him wielding one.

4. The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster has been one of the most entertaining characters in the MCU. The character is played by Jeff Goldblum. He is the leader of Sakaar. But he is not a Celestial. He is one of the oldest beings in the universe. He might cross paths with the Eternals at some point.

5. The Collector

Most of the fans are unaware of the fact that The Collector and The Grandmaster are brothers. It has been never shown in the MCU films. So, The Collector is also an ancient being. He has a fascination with the Infinity Stones and also lost the Reality Stone to Thanos in Infinity War. It will be interesting to see these eccentric brothers together on screen.

6. Odin

Asgardians have been for a long time in the universe just like the Eternals. So, one character we might get to see is Odin. Odin is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Since he is gone now, we might get to see his young self. It might be revealed what he was like before he was a king and if he was similarly arrogant like Thor.

7. Hela

Characters That Could Appear In Eternals

Thor: Ragnarok unveiled that Odin’s past is not much noble as believed by the Asgardians. He became an Allfather only because of his daughter Hela, the Goddess of Death. Eternals may not go too deep into the past of Hela but she might make a fun appearance. The Eternals might confront Odin and Hela.

8. Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a character that might play a bigger role later in the MCU. According to the glimpses of her past, she has been around when Odin turned on Hela and tried to defeat her with other Valkyries. Eternals can be a good chance to offer some more details about her compelling past in the MCU.

9. Thor

It is unknown which Asgardians would appear in Eternals. Thor has not been around as long as Odin and Hela. But he is around 1500 years old and so, he might show up anywhere. Eternals will span thousands of years. So it is possible that Thor might cross paths with the Eternals at a point in time.

10. Thanos

Despite being killed by the Avengers, there is a possibility that Thanos might return. We might get to see a younger and less genocidal Thanos. He is actually the son of Eternals. But he was cast aside when he was revealed to be mutated. The MCU gave Thanos a different backstory. But Eternals might show the story about his origin.

So these are the other MCU characters that could appear in Eternals.

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