Arrow Season 4: Oliver Queen running for Mayor

Arrow season 4 is slowly and steadily changing its gears to go full-throttle in the future episodes. The latest episode titled “Beyond Redemption” is dedicated to building character arc for Detective Quentin Lance, and Paul Blackthorne totally nailed it in every scene. It was amazing to see a great deal of emotion packed with high-octane action which generally characterize a superhero TV show. It was profound and emotionally fulfilling, you may even require few tissue papers by the end of the episode. Here are 5 most amazing scenes from the latest episode:

Oliver Queen Unity speech:


Oliver finally decided to run for Star City’s Mayor to be the leader who can unite its people, not someone who lurks behind shadows.

Quentin Lance Justice speech:


When Quentin found out that the anti-vigilante task force he commissioned to bring down “The Hood” is involved in shady activities and killed two of his fellow detectives, he sought Team Arrow’s help to stop them. When they tracked them down, Liza Warner was about to slice Green Arrow’s throat, but Lance saved his life by reminding her that she is a cop and not a criminal, and that city is not beyond redemption, we need to start fixing the city by fixing ourselves.

Quentin Lance meeting his daughter Sarah:


Arrow -- "Beyond Redemption" -- Image AR405B_0414b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance and Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance -- Photo: Dean Buscher/ The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Laurel Lance revealed to Quentin about Sara’s resurrection using the Lazarus pit. He was thrilled at first, but when he found out that she has no soul from Damien Darhk, he attempted to kill her but eventually broke down in tears.

Felicity’s Mysterious Text:


Felicity is unwilling to hear the voice of Ray Palmer after six months of his death, as it will reopen old wounds. But Mister Terrific convinced her to crack the mystery behind it.
Welcome to the New Arrow Cave:


It is a lot sleeker and bigger, with all the new tech assembled with the help of Cisco and Star Labs. There is Salmon ladder, felicity’s computer gear etc which is below Oliver’s mayoral campaign office.


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