5 Major Takeaways from Arrow Season 4 Debut Episode

[tps_header]Finally, the wait is over for Arrow season 4 as it’s debut episode aired on Wednesday at CW Network. The first episode of the new season has received the highest ever TRP ratings in the history of the show. The entire Team Arrow is back on the show except Roy Harper. The show evoked feelings of nostalgia and excitement as we realize how far these characters have travelled. Here are 5 major takeaways from Arrow debut episode of season 4:[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Team Arrow (without Arrow) is Outsmarted by Damien Darhk:[/tps_title]

The last season ended with Oliver Queen deciding to leave Starling city with Felicity and start a new life without the hood. In his absence, members of Team Arrow are trying to save Starling city (now Star city) from the new threat namely H.I.V.E, an evil organization led by Damien Darhk. But Team Arrow is totally outmaneuvered by them, Darhk’s men are successfully stealing weapons of Kord Industries, arming up to the teeth, which forced Team Arrow to go and seek help from the Arrow.

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