10 Items In Marvel Comics That Are More Powerful Than Infinity Gauntlet

There are a whole lot of weapons that are more powerful than an incomplete Infinity Gauntlet, not yet at its full power. Here is a list of ten of those artifacts:

The Cloak Of Levitation

It took a time to establish the cloak in the movie. While its origins are unknown, its capabilities are not. It is one of the most powerful weapons of the MCU as it has its own mind and attaches itself to the who wears it. Because of that, it is not just a protective shield but also a powerful ally that can take down enemies.

It is a magical relic that is able to move or fly as it pleases enabling the user to hover or levitate in the air. It is in the possession of Master of the Mystic Arts. It is more powerful than other magical relics and can be effectively used to block even the fiercest attacks of the enemy and countering them instantly.

The Destroyer

The Destroyer was introduced as one of the primary weapons and defense systems of Asgard in Thor. He was an Asgardian technological creation to protect the weapons’ vault at Asgard. He will ultimately obey the commands of the ruler of Asgard and can be used as a master weapon against Asgard’s enemies as well.

He wreaked havoc in Mexico, literally stomped the ice giants and it took Thor himself in God-mode to take down the Destroyer. Well, it was Thor’s brother Loki who took control of ‘The Destroyer’ and sent him to kill brother. Undoubtedly he is one of the most powerful weapons that the Marvel Universe has to offer.


Jarnbjorn, known as the “Wrecker of Worlds”, was the ax that Thor used when he was young before he wielded Mjolnir. He also upgraded or enhanced its powers by blessing it with his blood. The indestructible ax is so powerful now that it can pierce through the armor of a Celestial.

When Thor lost his axe, it fell into the hands of Kang the Conqueror who gave it to the Apocalypse Twins. They used it to kill a Celestial. Later Thor defeats them and regains his axe. The axe was so powerful that Malekith used it to cut off Thor’s arm.


Darkhold, as we all have already seen in the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., is a very powerful weapon, that is not just a normal ancient book of spells and magic, but has a lot of secret powers to it too. Surely it can be more powerful than the incomplete Infinity Gauntlet if used well.

It is also known as Book of Sins or Book of Spells which allows the reader to basically create anything he desires the most. The book is made up of dark matter from hell dimension. Once you have possession of this book, no enemy can defeat you as you can always create something more powerful.

Thanos’ Space Chair

Thanos surely is very powerful, nope we are not talking about his Infinity Gauntlet obviously but about his chair. The chair can fire blasts, not just that it can also help him cross dimensions and travel as fast as the speed of light.

This is Mad Titan’s personal floating seat where he receives men who work for him such as Ronin The Accuser, The Black Order etc. There is a plenty of scope to upgrade the cosmic capabilities of the throne which could make it as powerful as the Infinity Gauntlet. He would then literally become the King of the Cosmos.


No doubt Mjolnir is one of the most famous Asgardian weapons, but Odinsword is the most powerful of them all. First appeared in “Journey Into Mystery” #117 (by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Vince Colletta), it’s believed that if it were ever taken out, it would mean the end of the world and coming of the Ragnarok.

But after the curse was removed it was given to Thor to defeat his own evil uncle, Cul Borson (Serpent) who is also known as the God of Fear as it was the only weapon that could defeat him. This powerful sword can kill Thanos in an instant if it is used by the most worthy one.


The powerful sword of Heimdall is called Hofund. It’s really powerful as Heimdall can call upon cosmic forces to charge his sword like he did with the flames of several stars. The sword also has many magical powers and it also enables Heimdall to disguise himself as human when he comes to Earth.

It is primarily used to open the bi-frost bridge and transport people across nine realms. The sword is so precious that Heimdall first order of business was to steal Hofund to deactivate Bi-frost bridge before Hela (Goddess of Death) reactivates it. It was designed and created by swordsmith named David DelaGardelle

Heart Of The Universe

The Heart of the Universe is a weapon that no other weapon or entity can match their powers too. Obviously, aside from the One Above All. The Heart of the Universe also, just like the Infinity Gauntlet has been used by Thanos, who created a huge number of timelines.

It allows the user to come in sync with the frequency of the entire universe (time, matter, energy etc.) and thus have in possession the very heart of the cosmos. For instance, you control thoughts of each and every cosmic being or you can hear last breath of a dying man.

Cosmic Cube

The Cosmic Cube first appeared in Tales of Suspense #79 in 1966 and is one of the strongest items that can manipulate and control matter on the commands of beings who use it. The wish-granting cube requires a strong practice and a skillful user to handle the reality-warping.

Moreover, the cosmic cubes have the potential to develop its own intelligence and powers from those who have manipulated it. It can nullify the powers of the cosmic beings like the Elders of the Universe and Stranger. It is basically almighty object/item that grants omnipotent powers to its wielders. It allows the user to become God.

The Eye Of Agamotto

The Eye of Agamotto is the weapon that Doctor Strange uses to take down his enemies. Not just that, the stone used in the eye of Agamotto is the very thing that helps power up the Infinity Gauntlet. Yes, it is the Time stone in itself.

It is a powerful relic in the possession of “The Sorcerer Supreme” Doctor Strange. He used it to fight Kaecilius and restore the Hong Kong sanctum. He then went to Dormammu and here is a little snippet of their conversation Dormammu said: “What is happening?” Strange replied: “Just as you gave Kaecillius powers from your dimension, I brought a little power from mine. This is time. Endless, looped time.”

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