4 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Be A Superhero Girlfriend

Superheroes have a pretty venturesome life throughout their individual timelines and crossovers, but things get quite miserable as well because you don’t know what is cooking in the mind of Marvel and DC. Killings and revivals are the core drivers of the comic book forces and that’s how we get to see different stories. But I have sympathy with superhero girlfriends because not only they have to delve through the rough times, they expect stability in a relationship and that’s impossible to be with superheroes. Anyway, let’s have a look at four reasons why it is so hard to be a superhero girlfriend.

 1. She gets to know everything at the end

4 Reasons Why It Is Hard To Be A Superhero Girlfriend

Superhero relationships have always been melodramas where superhero girlfriends keep asking, “What the hell is going on?” until she gets to know everything about their partner, especially the point where she is not introduced to her partner’s superhero persona. That’s totally unfair. Superheroes keep lying till the end to cover inconsistencies in his life.

2.  Superheroes love and separate without any explanation

This one reminds me of Tony Stark who was slowly dying and Pepper Pots had no idea why he was going insane and destructive in nature. And he does it without any explanation. What could be so worse than not telling your girlfriend what you are suffering from? And then they suddenly get injected or persuaded by other powers, which make real jerks.

3. Superhero relationships are rough

The melodramatic twist is a parasite on superhero relationships that goes multiple ways. Things have been easy until the superhero realizes that his girlfriend’s father is a rogue. A superheroes relationship can take unpredicted somersaults anytime, no matter it’s a good or bad relationship.

4. In the end, she has to sacrifice

Unaware of what’s happening wrong in his life and the fact that she does not know about his superhero personality, there is no exaggeration of anything at one point. But as soon as he faces off his rogues and is at the edge of losing his life, she appears to be the only one who sacrifices her life just to get him out of nasty predicaments.   

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