10 Superheroes Who Hate The Flash Even More Than His Enemies

Many heroes have taken up the mantle of the Flash. Of course, there was Barry Allen, then came in Wally West, who was always unsure about being able to fill his mentor’s boots after his death. Bart Allen came in then, the boy who became the Flash because he had to. And Jessie Quick as well as the legendary Jay Garrick there too, there may be a lot of faces but what was common among all of them was the title of the Flash, and though they all were respected and loved by most, some superheroes didn’t like them so much. Here is a list of some of them:

Wally West II

Okay, so this is nothing new. The disciple gets to hate the mentor. But the plot is new, Wallace West II is the nephew of Iris West later comes to become the Reverse Flash. He hated Barry but loved the Flash and respected him too, but on realizing that it is no one else but Barry who is the Flash he begins to hate him too, and we all know what happens next.


Oh yes, these two for sure have a lot in common. Both are kind of boy scouts and are loved by people wherever they go, but there have been more than a few times when the two have gotten into a fight. No, we aren’t talking about the two racing to see who is faster but actually, the two have traded blows many times. The reasons to which are misunderstandings and one of them being mind-controlled but still, the two don’t seem to get along.

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen can’t handle stupid people, that’s it. And though the nerd Barry Allen is no fool, he has been really naïve and oblivious to the brutalities of the police forces. This is the very root why Oliver can’t stand Barry Allen, as we all know Ollie is always the one who stands for the weak and Barry, he is just a happy kid at most of the times.

Iris West

Yes, this might come as a shock to most of you but in the DC Rebirth, Iris hates the Flash. We already told you that Wally becomes the Reverse Flash, who then kidnaps Iris and reveals the Flash’s identity to her. The Flash then after absorbing the negative speed force almost kills the Reverse Flash, making Iris question if she ever knew him.

Kyle Rayner

Of course, we know that Barry and Hal Jordan were great friends, but that can’t be said for the people who took over their mantles. When Rayner joined the Justice league, Wally was not really happy about it, he felt a bit of competition about the two having to live up to the legacies of their predecessors, because of this even Rayner didn’t like Wally.

Bart Allen

Traditionally Bart was Barry’s grandson from the 30th century. Where Barry was heroic and serious, Bart was ‘Impulsive’ and carefree, and because of this, the two had their differences. But in the latest edition, the two aren’t even family and Bart constantly refuses to help Barry.


Oh, sure he is bound to hate the Flash. In the Crossovers between DC and Marvel, the two had to go against each other to save their own realities. The Flash defeated Quicksilver with no difficulty at all.

Jesse Quick


Obviously, she would hate Wally West. He said that he wanted to train her to take his place after he dies, but all that was just a big lie so that he can get Bart Allen to be his apprentice. Even so, she saves his life later and even loses her powers.

Linda Park

Linda and the Flash were a great couple, but now that Wally has returned from another dimension, she or the world for that matter has no memory of this Flash. Even so, he still tries to make her remember but she just thinks that he is really creepy.


Here, Wally West gets to hate his master. Yes, this is because superheroes here started tampering with others’ minds. They do a lot of bad things, and Barry I the final vote, because of their actions, the Top became a hero and forgot about all his past deeds, when they came back to him, he became mad and committed suicide. Wally, because f this got really angry with his dead mentor.

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