Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New He-Man Movie!!!

The news about a new He-Man movie in the works has hit the fandoms pretty early this year but anything related to the new movie has been kept tightly under wraps.  He-Man is an iconic cartoon character with a rich (and cliché) universe of his own. While the animated features have been somewhat of a success, the live action interpretations have bit the dust every time a movie based on the Masters of the Universe came to the Big Screens. There is yet another attempt by Hollywood to replicate He-Man in the theaters. And we have some fresh knew for the He-Man fans. New facts and details about the supposed story of the movie have finally come to light. Here’s everything you need to know about the New He-Man movie!!!

He-Man: Masters of the Universe will be getting a brand new facelift pretty soon. The movie is set to be directed by the duo of Aaron and Adam Nee. The movie will also feature several popular characters from the show that the audience has already been familiarized with. The movie’s plot revolves around the twin sons of Randor, the King of Eternia. Keldor is the elder prince and the perfect candidate to become the king of his kingdom. Adam is a bit of an outcast and an eccentric. He loves to be that way.

When King Randor is put in the impossible position fo choosing between his Kingdom and his eldest son, he chooses the former. Keldor feels betrayed. He later turns evil and becomes Skeletor, He-man’s worst enemy. Adam becomes the He-Man to defend Eternia from Skeletor’s Wrath.

Other important characters confirmed to be a part of the He-Man Universe are Duncan. He is otherwise called the Man-At-Arms of Eternia. He is a weapons matser and is quite proficient and knowledgeable when it comes to making and delivering weapons of all shapes and sizes. In the He-Man universe, Duncan is King Randor’s loyal confidante and is an ally to Adam. He will also supposedly serve as the narrator that explains Eternia’s history to the audience during the beginning of the movie.

Duncan’s daughter Teela is also in the movie. The daughter of Man-at-Arms is the best friend of Adam and the Captain of the Royal Guard. She will reportedly share a romantic relationship with Adam.

Zodak the Immortal will also be in the movie. Zodak is Eternia’s Minister of technology and is the living mouthpiece of Eternia’s history. As an immortal, Zodak has witnessed the birth of Eternia and the many wars it had fought through. Zodak was alive when Eternia went to war with the Ancients and the Snake Men. Zodak will function as a mentor to Adam in the movie.

Stratos and Orko also appear in the movie. Orko is the lovable but clumsy wizard that tries to be a force for good but his clumsiness always tends to get in the way. While Orko could be considered an average wizard at best, his loyalties always stay with the good guys and he has aided He-Man in a lot of his missions. Stratos is the leader of the Bird People in the Masters of the Universe. He will be ret-conned to become the leader of the Sky Guards. The Sky Guards are the ones that guard the Iron Gate Prison, where Eternia’s worst offenders are imprisoned in. At some point of time, Iron Gate prison will also hold Skeletor and his evil allies.

Skeletor will be the big bad wolf of the movie. He will also have some of his allies aiding him in his battle against Eternia and He-Man. Beast Man, a shapeshifter with the ability to turn into any beast he chooses to will be a part of the movie. Evil-Lyn, an evil witch with supernatural abilities will also be there, working with her own sinister motifs at play. She is even rumored to betray Skeletor for her own ends before the credits roll. Skeletor will also have the fan favorite Trap Jaw as an ally. Trap Jaw is an evil villain with interchangeable parts and a jaw that is literally as big as a bear trap, hence the name. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the He-Man reboot.

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